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Antlion now Sponsors of compLexity Gaming!

When we set out to create the ModMic it was always our hope to grow into the position where we could begin sponsoring, supporting, and getting involved with our favorite teams. 

As avid fans of DOTA, CS:GO, Hearthstone and Overwatch we've had our eye on compLexity for a while now and we're thrilled to officially become their sponsor! 

There's more to finding a partner than selecting the team that is currently #1. Being #1 is temporary, and we're not here to chase the flavor of the month. We wanted to find the team we believed was going somewhere big. Building not just a single team, but a stable of casters, team members, and support staff across a wide variety of games.

We believe compLexity is that perfect blend of rising star power that will become a force to be reckoned with, building a legacy that will last for years and possibly decades going forward. They compete at the international level across all four current games and are constantly looking to expand into new events and products.

What sealed the deal for us is compLexity's insistence on thoroughly testing the product before they would allow their players to promote it. We want to ensure that all of our partners maintain their integrity when they say "This product is a good thing!" As part of our deal, you'll be able to listen to every compLexity player using the ModMic on stream and at events that allow third party mics.

In short, we believe that their goals match our own. We aim to be the rising star of custom audio and are proud to become the official partner of the rising star of eSports.

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