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ModMic 4 and 5 Discord Certified!

We're super proud to announce that the ModMic 4 and the ModMic 5 are now Discord Certified!

But what does that mean!? Why does it matter? Is it just some marketing stunt? We had several people message us on twitter with the question of the integrity of such an announcement.

Well, Discord goes over what goes into testing in great detail here: 

However, we want to touch on two key points:

1) There's no compensation on either side for this. It is not a license, it is not an advertisement, it is not a back door under the table grease the palm payment. They actually tested the product at our request and then announced their result - We passed, which wasn't a shock of course, we know how awesome the ModMic is.

2) It IS marketing. Everything is! What is important is that this is a great way for Discord and Antlion to formally say "Hey, we see what you're doing, we've tested it, and we love it." If Discord was not a company we supported we certainly would neither ask nor care about their certification, and we certainly wouldn't post a big Discord logo on our site.

So is it important? Is it pointless? Does it make a difference? That depends on how much you trust us and how much you trust Discord. We're saying we like Discord, we use Discord, and while we don't have a certification process, we do recommend them! Discord is saying basically the same thing, only they actually went out of their way to make sure our product meets a controlled testing standard.

If our words of support carry weight we hope it does make a difference. We hope you'll use Discord, we hope you'll use ModMic, and we hope your increased ability to communicate will bring us one step closer to a better, more communicative world.

Yeah, that's how far we take it. Discord Certification is a small step towards world peace. Or at least a step towards ridding the world of gamer headsets, which is Antlion Certified* to be the underlying cause of 95% of all internet saltiness.

*Certification not valid in any reality but our own

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