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Don't Buy Gamer Headsets!

As has been pointed out a number of times,

Do not buy gamer headsets! 
Article: Why 99.5% of Gamer Headsets Suck

Look, we make the ModMic, and let it be clear that while we want you to buy a ModMic, most important is we do NOT want you to buy a gamer headset. 

Buy a good pair of headphones you can use anywhere and everywhere you need them. Then buy a good mic. Here's why:

--- Save Money & Improve Quality ---

We're not talking about 20 dollar headsets here, but if you're planning on spending around $100 or more on a gaming headset:

Stop. Right. Now.

For just $90-$150 you can mix together some of the best headphone / mic combos you've ever heard. Check out the table below for just a couple examples! 

Review scores are pulled from and linked to, an unbiased expert source for user reviews. Both reviews and prices accurate as of 8/21/17.

 Model Price Isolation Review Score
Superlux 668b $37 Semi-Open 4.25
Philips SHP 9500 $50 Open 4.86
Sennheiser HD558 $80 Open 4.36
Sony MDR V6 $80 Closed 4.16

Compare this to some popular "gaming headsets"

 Model Price Isolation Review Score
Razer Kraken Pro $81 Closed 3.01
Sennheiser G4me One $160 Open 3.63
Plantronics GameCom 780 $190 Closed 3.00
Astro A50 $247 Closed 3.50

Add in a ModMic 4 for $50 and you're sitting at $87 - $120, plenty of room to add a USB adapter if needed on a hundred dollar budget.

So better headphones, sure, but what about the mic? Well, here's some comparison videos to get you started!

ModMic 5 vs. Logitech G230, AT2020 and Blue Yeti

 ModMic 4 vs. Astro A40

ModMic 5 vs. HyperX Cloud Revolver

ModMic 4 vs. SteelSeries Sibera

So there you have it. Look, you don't have to buy a ModMic and pair it with awesome headphones, we just don't want you to buy a gamer headset and spend more to get less! Your ears will thank you, and just as important, all your friends on Discord will too.

--- Bonus! ---

When was the last time you saw someone walking outside with a "gamer headset" on? How hard did you laugh?

Exactly. Here's the real bonus from the ModMic: They come with a hard shell carrying case and weigh less than half a pound. Not only can you now go outside with your new headphones, but you can bring a high quality mic with you to LAN events, business trips, or anywhere else!

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