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Four Ways a Good Audio Setup Makes PC Gaming Better!

It should come as no shock that neglecting the audio in gaming is like hamstringing one-third of your entire experience. Here are 4 reasons why selecting creating a custom headset made of great headphones and a ModMic will improve your gaming experience:

Better than Typing

When it comes to online gaming, we believe a good microphone is mandatory. It’s simply more efficient than typing or in-game pings. It’s also more flexible, but maybe most importantly, it establishes a human connection. A sense of community is built on the foundation of communicating, and you should want to sound like yourself! Microphones and voice software have come a massive distance from the old days.

It’s as simple as getting the right hardware. That’s why we make the ModMic, the world’s best microphone you can attach to any pair of headphones, instantly turning your favorite headphones into the ultimate headset.

Learn about what makes the ModMic special!

Better than Surround Sound

Every good pair of headphones has two speakers, so why do gaming headsets go on and on about “7.1” surround sound? Simply put, almost every headphone can’t have real surround sound because they don’t HAVE 7 speakers. Manufacturers create a rich audio experience using a mixture of audio qualities called sound stage and imaging. Audiophile headphones are designed for this kind of imaging. Just like you’d be able to pick up the direction of a timpani in an orchestra, you’ll be able to pinpoint a sniper position in a game. You can’t use software to fake quality, so don’t buy the gaming headset surround sound argument. If you simply buy quality headphones with great sound design, you’ll find you have better surround sound than any gaming headset can offer.

Here’s a list of headphones and their associated scores in soundstage and imaging!

Better than Comfortable

Everyone thinks their headphones are comfortable until they try something better. The moment you take the plunge into the world of comfort you’ll constantly be amazed at how much you’ve been missing. The easiest and most available way to size up “comfort” is travel to any store that sells Bose headphones and try on the QC35. While you may not want the QC35 for gaming, there are MANY headphones of equal comfort (and way lower price) and you could be enjoying that every day. Imagine, 4 hours of gaming in that kind of luxury.

Better than RGB Seizures

There’s one more aspect to a good audio setup: how it looks. Yep, looking good is a factor to consider. Would you wear your headphones outside? Is your mic detachable? How does it all make your desk look? The ModMic is detachable and leaves your desk clutter-free. No shock mount, no big bulky parts. Of course, being able to select from any pair of headphones in the world and add a ModMic means you can create the style that is right for you. From modern carbon fiber to old fashion wood grains, there’s a headphone out there for any style you can imagine and the ModMic works with all of them. Don’t have one ugly pair of headphones for gaming and one pair of headphones for everything else! Get it all… then add a ModMic!


These are just four reasons why picking your own headphones and adding a ModMic creates a better experience across the board. If you’re ready for an audio upgrade, see more reasons why ModMic is the solution to your audio woes!

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