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Game of the Year, 2016!

The Antlion Audio team sits down with special guest BoredGamerUK to discuss the Game of the Year for 2016.

You can listen to the full audio below or, jump under it to see the basic summary.


 Game of the Year, 2016!

James Pella picks Overwatch as Game of the Year, citing its explosive growth and recent moves into e-sports as a catalyst for long term play. He also gave a shout out to Night in the Woods as the best indie game of the year.

Joseph Lieberman picks Dark Souls 3, citing it as a rare example where the third game in a series managed to take the best parts of past games and discard most of the worst. His love for Civ 6 is overshadowed by launch problems with AI and general large scale bugs to let DS3 run away with the title. He also gives shouts out to the indie titles Firewatch, Stardew Valley,  and Abzu.

Eli Wisnievitz picks Space Pirate Trainer and later revises it to include Pokemon Go for their contribution to pushing the fold of game design and development, with their focus on VR and AR respectively. Simply put, Eli believes this demonstrates what games can do in VR and AR and is a good sign for the future.

BoredGamerUK also picks Overwatch as Game of the Year. Despite his love for Titan Fall 2, there's no doubt that Overwatch is the bigger title in sales and performance this year. 


After the arguments died down we also listed out our greatest disappointments for the year.

James Pella and Eli Wisnievitz picked The Division as their greatest disappointment for the year. Underperformed expectations as well as lack of support after launch killed what they felt should have been a contender for game of the year.

Joseph Lieberman and BoredGamerUK picked No Man's Sky. Despite how disappointed Joe was with Civ 6, he believes its problems can be fixed through patching. No Man's Sky is a lesson in humility for game development, plain and simple.

So that's it, the winners (and losers) of 2016! Be sure to check out any you haven't heard of or considered yet and post YOUR favorites in the comments below!

Special thanks again to BoredGamer for joining us and sharing his thoughts!

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