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FreeGeek Volunteer Day Results!

As you may know every 3 months we invite a multitude of people from the tech community in Portland to join us for a volunteer day. A single day, every 3 months, dedicated entirely to giving back to our community. 

Yesterday we returned to Free Geek along with our friends from (Formerly Tek Syndicate), long time friend eXtv, our new friends at Stumpt Gamers, and our new friend Jeff, who's opening an E-sports bar here in Portland named Outrage.

Our morning shift team, including, Stumpt Gamers, eXtv, and Antlion Audio

Free Geek is a non-profit dedicated to taking in used and obsolete electronics, re-using what is salvageable and making these re-used computers and peripherals available to people in need. What can't be re-used is dismantled into the material components and then safely recycled or disposed of.

It is here we once again find ourselves, the task of turning obsolete computers into the core components for recycling. 

The Crit.TV Team and Jeff eXtine at the tables

In a single day we amassed somewhere in the realm of 55 hours of volunteer time over two shifts of work, ensuring hundreds of pounds of steel, aluminum, copper, and toxic metals like mercury and lead are going to be properly and safely recycled.

Our head of customer service's... head. Shiny.

We'd genuinely like to thank all the volunteers that were out with us today, including the regular volunteers at Free Geek who weren't a part of our group. As we continue to grow our volunteering group we're always looking for new opportunities when the next event comes around in Quarter 1 of 2017. Be sure to suggest ideas on where you'd like to see us volunteer next time! If you're in the Portland area, drop us a line and join us as well. 

Jeff eXtine from eXtv

From Left to right: Eli, Rob, Jeff from Outrage E-sports bar, Joe

Joe (me) finishes off another PC case. We are triumphant!

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