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Give Your Clan a Competitive Advantage with these Communication Tips

Winning. It doesn’t happen by accident. When a team (whether it’s a professional sports team or the local badminton team) takes the gold, you can bet there was lots of planning, practice, execution, and the most importantly: communication. Here are some ways you and your friends can improve your own communication and planning to reach your gaming goals.

Start with good audio

Sure, this is basic, 101 advice, but it has to be said first. If you don’t have quality equipment like a mic and headphones, your voice won’t be clear, you won’t hear your friends relay important information, or hear action from the game as well. You have enough distractions trying to survive, right? Great audio and a solid mic give you clear communication without additional technical or audio distractions (think dogs barking, water pouring, or chair squeaking). If you have to ask a friend a question about their location or a situation more than once because your voice or their voice isn’t clear...You’re probably toast.


Agree in advance on goals

Now that you’ve secured the right equipment, it’s time to do some good ol’ strategy. Before you grab your weapon of choice and start shooting, brainstorm with your friends. What are the goals of the round? Are roles assigned? Who’s leading the way? Who’s mopping up? And who’s the shooter? Like any sport or game, you need a rule book of plays. This isn’t meant to make the game laborious—you get enough of that at work or school. But at the least, have a plan of action.


Stick with your plan

Great. You’ve got a plan. Everyone has a role. Here’s the deal: you should always execute your plan even when it’s failing, or your plan is doomed. Practicing sticking to a plan is essential for a team. Without it you’ll break from your strategy (and probably fail even more spectacularly) when things get bad. That’s exactly when you need a plan. Stick to your plan. Planning will work for you if you keep at it.


Communicate what works best

Some like to chat as they shoot, others like complete silence, still others are somewhere in between. Your pals are no different. Talk about your individual styles before you switch on the play button. For the silent types? Try not yelling to or at them. They need that silence to concentrate (while helping you survive). Respect that. On the other hand, if someone likes or needs to be cheered on? Be loud. Go forth and cheer—using a ModMic, of course.


Support failure as well as triumph

Also known as a “teachable moment” in some circles, it’s basically learning from your mistakes. It’s OK to fail. It’s even better to learn why and how. By performing a post mortem on what went wrong, you can practice on weak spots and adjust the game plan for next time. And don’t bag on a friend that fails. They missed a shot that caused you to lose? NBD. It happens to the best of us. Encourage them. And, if you win? By all means, celebrate your victory, loudly.


Gaming is like life. Sometimes you succeed. Sometimes you fail. But when you win, it feels good. Learn how to read the room, pick up on what your friends are doing, keep forging ahead and always keep the lines of communication wide open.


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