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How to Set Up & Install a ModMic for VR

It's no secret that the ModMic Wireless is the go-to mic for VR. However, some of you out there may be wondering how to set up the mic for streaming or even just where to install it on something like the PSVR2 or Quest.

Well, we've got a few videos from content creators who not only reviewed the product (unpaid, real reviews!) but also help answer these questions!

For anyone curious about OBS setup, there's no better video than MRTV's tutorial on how to livestream on YouTube and Twitch using the ModMic.

What about mounting locations? Well, you can see one option in MRTV's, attached to the side of the main housing, however RTA Motorsports and Jskeleton have different styles, both equally effective. We really like Jskeleton's use of the flexible boom arm to create a "tight" fit that will be away from your hands as you flail about in VR, while RTA focuses on a more traditional style perfect for racing sims.


Hopefully these tutorials and installations help you pick the best mounting position for your VR needs & stream setups. If you have more questions you can always stop by our Discord and tag @staff to get a live response from our team!

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