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Improve Your Apex Legends Game with Audio

Apex Legends is, without a doubt, the flavor of the month in Battle Royale. Maybe even the flavor of the year. Unlike many of its predecessors, Apex has one particular thing that sets it apart: There’s no going solo (yet). As a result communication between teammates has never been more important.

The Improved Audio of Apex Legends

The sound and communication design of Apex Legends stands a head taller than the Battle Royale games that came before it. It is much easier to pick out enemy locations through audio cues and as a result good headphones with a wide soundstage have the edge.

What is Soundstage? Soundstage determines the perceived location and size of the sound field itself. Or to put it another way, how accurately you can pick out the location of enemy fire with your eyes closed.

So which headphones are best? We’ve got a guide covering just that!

Step 1: Ping to Win!

With just the middle mouse button you can communicate a wide array of things in Apex Legends, from enemy locations to what gear is on the ground. It is essential that you learn to ping important features. Rare weapons, enemies, and your movement destinations are the three most important items. Ping as often as makes sense, but don’t overdo it.

Step 2: Voice of Victory

Pinging alone is not enough. Sometimes the intent of a ping is unclear. Tag an enemy, does that mean attack or avoid? Does a destination click mean you’re heading there now or did you spot something fishy? That’s why voice comms are essential. Since Apex is a squad oriented game you need a microphone to be at your best. That said, you should aim to sound as good as you play, so investing in a great microphone is just as important as your headphones. After all, when you spot an enemy you want to be heard!

And that is what makes the ModMic so great. You can select wide soundstage, professional quality, open back headphones and add a superior microphone to create the ultimate headset just for you. Check out more on what makes ModMic so darn special.

Step 3: Settings to Kill

There’s not a ton of audio settings for Apex. Most important is the decision of Push-to-Talk vs. Open Mic. Open mic is easier, it's simply one fewer button to press, but if you’re in a noisy environment, maybe somewhere with children or a TV, you'll need a mic with awesome noise canceling. That's why every ModMic has a noise canceling mic (and several models have more than just that). Be sure to set the threshold correctly, you don't want it picking up your breath or keyboard. Of course you can always set up P-T-T, but don't blame us if you get fragged with a finger out of position.

How well does ModMic's noise canceling work? We did a study - listen here!

Otherwise make sure you adjust your effects volume so you can clearly hear the enemy and teammates alike. Finally, if “that person” joins your squad with a garbage mic and background noise, the mute button is in the squad menu.

Apex Legends has set a new bar on audio design for Battle Royale games. It’s never been more important to hear well and be heard, and that is why we make the world’s best microphone that can attach to any pair of headphones. Attach it to the headphones you already own or buy the exact pair of cans that will help your KDR reach new heights.

Want more specific comms tips? Read our guide on crafting the perfect call-out.

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