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Introducing ModMic Wireless!

Behold, Antlion fans, the moment you've waited for has finally arrived. 

The ModMic Wireless!


The moment you waited for...

Incredible Quality!

We're utilizing aptX Low Latency to deliver a full 48khz signal from mic to source, that's on par with our existing ModMic or any desktop microphone! Look, don't just take our word for it though, here's two sound clips of competitors and one of the ModMic Wireless!

Lightning Fast!

The other reason we went with aptX Low Latency is to deliver a signal 5x faster than standard Bluetooth. This puts the ModMic Wireless on par with the fastest wireless headsets, adding only 34ms to the overall ping.

A Little Something Extra!

The ModMic Wireless has both a noise canceling and high quality recording mode, and every single component of this device is custom sourced or built to deliver a fantastic wireless experience. 

Also, just tap the ModMic button and you'll have silence in an instant with our incredible quick-mute.


Over 12 hours per charge! Based on the battery rating, under heavy use (used every day for 4-6 hours), we expect the device to still have over 11 hours of battery per charge after 3 years! The ModMic also automatically shuts off when the receiver loses power (e.g. you turn off your PC) to help conserve battery life and you can charge the ModMic Wireless while you are using it!

Handy LED Status

The ModMic Wireless receiver, the part you plug into the USB port on your PC or PS4, has nice LED status indicators. To make sure you can see it, we include an extension cable and a cable anchor to stick it on your desk, meaning your wireless status is always in view!

ModMic Wireless Can Boldly Go...

While the range will vary based on blocking materials, in our largest open air test we managed to get to 100 ft before reaching a wall. So... unless you live in a mansion or have a house made of lead, you should be set to take your ModMic Wireless anywhere!

Ready to go wireless?

Get your own from our store at or from most of the vendors on our Where to Buy page in the US and abroad.

Questions? Join our Discord and ask! We're here to help!

You want more pictures?! YOU GOT IT.


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