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Introducing the New ModMic Wireless Microphone

Introducing the New ModMic Wireless Microphone


Ready for a wireless gaming mic? Sure you are. But are you ready for the fastest, clearest, wireless microphone on the market?

First and foremost, we love new technology like you do. We want the best technology that helps make us all better gamers. If you’re like us, then we made this new product just for you. Here’s what makes the ModMic Wireless the perfect wireless mic for your gaming arsenal.

Speed meets sound, and that’s not all

The ModMic Wireless delivers full DVD-quality sound with blistering aptX speeds 5 times faster than standard Bluetooth. This technology from Qualcomm increases both speed and data throughput, resulting in a broadcast-quality signal previously unheard of in wireless home-use microphones. In addition to some great under-the-hood tech, the ModMic Wireless nails the fundamentals, such as its 12+ hour battery capacity and ability to be charged while in use, and the quick mute feature so you can quickly exclude your online friends from extraneous noises you’d rather they not hear.

Driven by aptX low latency

We like to call this the “special sauce” that makes ModMic Wireless unlike others on the market. It dedicates the full bandwidth to only the mic, resulting in a near-invisible latency of only 34ms, 5 times faster than the average Bluetooth device.

Audio quality beyond anything you’ve ever heard

Most wireless headsets only give the microphone narrow band audio, many as low as 4khz. The ModMic Wireless delivers a full 16bit, 48khz (DVD-quality) signal with a 20hz to 20khz frequency response range. Simply put, that’s on par or better than most wired microphones--probably better than what you’re using now.

Dual mic modes means more flexibility

This is truly revolutionary: the ModMic Wireless has two different microphone modes in one package. The omni-directional mode features a wider frequency response range, perfect for recording and streaming, while the uni-directional mode captures a crisp, clear, focused signal, isolated from unwanted background noise.

Go silent, with one tap

The built-in quick mute instantly silences your mic by simply pressing a button. The USB receiver’s status indicator light lets you know when you’re muted, so you’ll know for sure. Now your friends don’t have to listen to your dog bark every time someone dares to walk past your house.

Your battery won’t die during battle

There’s nothing more annoying than having your battery die during the heat of gaming. Featuring a 12+ hour battery and the ability to charge while in use via the included micro USB cable, the ModMic Wireless is always ready for your next fight.

Cross-platform compatible

ModMic Wireless uses a proprietary USB Type-A receiver which works on Windows, Mac, Linux and PlayStation 4 devices. Have one of those? No problem. All you need to do is just plug and play. No adapters. No additional plug-ins. Easy peasy.

Look, we’re not trying to throw a bunch of tech terms at you or try the hard sell. We’re not about that. What we are about is designing new products that make you a better gamer. In a nutshell, if you’re on the fence, the ModMic Wireless brings the quality that might be the tipping point for you dumping the wired mic and going wireless. It provides the performance and the cleaner game space you crave. Fewer wires, better sound, amazing features, what’s not to love? To purchase the ModMic Wireless, go here.

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