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Low Range ModMic Wireless Issue

If your ModMic has been experiencing connection drops or cutting out while you talk, please read the following:

It appears some units made in our latest production run are potentially defective.

This appears to only affect certain ModMic Wireless units purchased between August 1, 2019 and January, 2020.

Other than lower than normal range, these units work perfectly.


If your ModMic Wireless is dropping signal or cutting out:

Please contact us immediately at with a proof of purchase (receipt or order number), purchase date, and where you purchased it from (Name of store and country) and we will resolve this problem as quickly as possible.


For those of you interested in buying a ModMic Wireless:

Updated: We believe all units currently on the market are now in perfect working order. If you believe you have a defective unit from this batch or any other problem, please contact our customer service team

Retailers have been informed of the situation and should be removing the defective units with haste. If you are buying from a third party, we guarantee we will fully cover any defective units and replace them, so buy with confidence. 


Thank you for understanding. We will continue to be the responsible business you can trust, even when things don’t go as planned.

Elishaya Wisnievitz, CEO

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