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Comparison of the New ModMic USB and ModMic Uni Audio

We've had a few people ask for samples of the new ModMic USB and ModMic Uni, as well as comparisons to our existing mics. 

First, to clarify, the ModMic USB, ModMic Uni, and ModMic Wireless use the same Uni-directional microphone. This means the difference you hear between them is likely the interface (analog to digital conversion).

The ModMic Wireless uses aptX

The ModMic USB uses an ADC chip from C-media.

The ModMic Uni and Modmic 5 were recorded via our USB Sound Card, which uses a different ADC configuration, but also is a C-media chip.

Because the omni-directional mic is unchanged from the ModMic 5 we've left it off from the test to keep things simple.

We promise these files are raw audio that has not been edited in any way.

The short version of what you're about to hear is our USB Sound Card adds more bass to the signal, but the overall clarity of the new uni-capsule is a solid step up from the original ModMic 4 and 5. This increased clarity and reduced noise floor should allow you to modify the ModMic USB  or even the ModMic Uni via an equalizer to mimic whatever sound you'd prefer, including increasing the bass.



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