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Gaming Tech Upgrades for Any Budget

We hear you. Core PC components like memory, graphics cards, and processors are expensive and patience for prices to come down are in as much short supply as the products. That doesn’t mean you can’t (or shouldn’t) improve your gaming experience. So where's a gamer to turn while crypto-currency is inflating prices? The answer is simple: focus on other pieces of gaming gear that will last you until all of that patience pays off.

Gaming Tech Upgrades for Any Budget

We’ve collected the best gaming gear for all budgets below.

Less than $150: Tune Up Your Audio Game with a ModMic 5 and Quality Headphones



First rule: don’t get tempted by gamer headsets - they sound terrible and look worse. To game like you’ve built it, buy yourself a pair of Philips SHP 9500 headphones and a ModMic 5. The Philips SHP 9500 (about $75) feature an open back, which means they’re more like speakers in a room, allowing sound from your environment in and sound from your headphones out. They’re built for a warm sound and comfort, perfect for anyone wearing them for long periods of time.

The ModMic 5 ($69.95) -- or ModMic 4 ($42.95) for those who want something moderately priced -- attaches to any set of headphones, including the Philips SHP 9500. The ModMic 5 gives you the option of eliminating background noise, or picking up audio nuances required for high-quality recording. Get either ModMic and your team will thank you for not sounding like you’re gaming in an airplane bathroom.

Want to see a ModMic 5 in action and hear a sound test? Check out the video below.


Less than $350: Get Precise with a New Keyboard and Customizable Mouse

Your hands hold the keys (and mouse) to improving your gaming. Literally. Streamline your keystrokes and get rid of ghosting with a Corsair K70 RGB RapidFire keyboard (list price: 169.99). The keys are meant to be fast -- they respond to light pressure (45g) and a shallow touch (1.2mm) -- which automatically improves your advantage.

Don’t forget your mouse -- the Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum gaming mouse (list price: $149.99) is meant to fit your style. With a customizable physical layout, and programmable buttons, this mouse is good for righties and lefties and any grip style. Switch it up from wireless to wired mode when you want. But how does it perform? The PMW336 optical sensor offers maximum tracking accuracy and the 1 millisecond report rate means pro-level reactions.

Less than $1,200: See and Feel Better with a New Chair and Display

You’re sitting wrong. There’s no judgement here, but we want you to be more comfortable with a new gaming chair. PC Gamer and Linus Tech Tips love the OM5 Gaming Chair (list price: ~$668). There’s a little bit of magic involved with this chair -- it adjusts itself to your height and weight so you don’t have to fiddle with the back and the seat over the course of a long gaming session.

With displays ranging from $200 to more than $4000, the BenQ Zowie 24.5” gaming monitor (list price: $499) hits a sweet spot for gamers on a budget. With a 1 millisecond response time, a 75 hertz response rate and blinders that help focus you on the task at hand, this display was clearly made with gamers in mind. Bonus: their black eQualizer technology means dark corners are no longer dark and enemies are easily spotted.


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