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The Antlion USB is BACK and better than ever!

Antlion fans behold, the new and improved Antlion USB Sound Card.

Our old USB adapter had what we liked to refer to as the "fat" design. While being compact with no wires made it durable and small, it had two fatal flaws: It would block nearby USB ports and it was too fat to fit into a PS4 slot. Hence the name.

As you can see above, the new USB uses a cable tail to solve this problem, but there's more to it than fitting in. The new USB uses new firmware settings and premium materials to deliver one of the best sound quality experiences you've ever heard in a USB stick.

We have a full sound comparison between the new USB and the old model / motherboards. Here's a preview to show you just how big a difference this guy makes: Get yours today!

Turn your volume up to really hear the difference!


RIP my fat friend


 Thanks again to Mixcloud for hosting our audio test files!

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