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Welcome New Stream-Team Members!

Did you know we have an amazing group of streamers and online personalities that use our mics which we affectionately refer to as our Stream Team? Well, even if you DID know, I thought it would be fun to introduce a few of our new members to you all!

So, in no particular order, here are some incredible content creators to watch!

Welcome Dodg3rr, Shancatt, Skacle, and Tooliey!


First up is Dodg3rr! A true variety streamer and self-described weeb, you can find Dodg3rr doing just about anything, from RPGs to drawing and voice acting. The channel is LGBTQ+ friendly and a great place to be yourself. As we say in Portland, keep it weird Dodg3rr!


Next up Shancatt! Shan plays Dead by Daylight and Fortnite primarily and is damn good at both. She's a true pro and one of the friendliest people I have met. So if kittens and guns are your venn-diagram overlap then Shancatt is your new home!


Skacle is next on my non-ordered list! Our #1 potato... yes, potato. He's a potato, ok? You'll find this cool spud bustin on noobs in Fortnite and CoD:MW, but don't think his fast gun-fu is all he has going. He's also got a degree in poli-sci and history and education, so watch out for both the real bombs and the knowledge bombs.


And last but certainly not least, Tooliey! Clocking in at a bald 5'2, this is where you go if you want a mix of wrenches, World of Warcraft, and first person shooters. Tooliey is ex-USMC and is without a doubt one of the most fun streamers to watch.

So if you find yourself trapped at home for the next two or more weeks, know that our newest batch of streamers has you covered. Check them out and know that they all love ModMic!




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