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The Reviews Keep Rolling In

For anyone still on the fence about our all new lineup, the ModMic Wireless, USB, and Uni, the reviews have been rolling in steadily since our launch the results are looking good!

Sometimes, you can't beat good old fashion text reviews for getting a lot of info as fast as possible. Some of these have audio tests too, just in case you haven't heard a ModMic yet!

VentureBeat calls the ModMic USB, "The best sounding ModMic yet!" 

Headphones Addict scores the ModMic USB a 90% and gives an 86% to the ModMic Uni, not too shabby! similarly scores the ModMic USB at 88% and the Uni at 85% and previously scored the Wireless at 90%, stating clearly that our new lineup is "hands-down the best yet." (Emphasis theirs).


Game Revolution reviewed and compared the Uni, USB, and Wireless in a single giant review-a-thon. And I quote, "I’ll be rocking the Wireless on my Sennheiser headphones for the foreseeable future." (And who can blame him).


While there's a TON more reviews out there, I want to highlight some of our non-English friends too.

Our first review in Greek has arrived thanks to Tech In Greek! Spanakopita for all!

If Google translate can be trusted (A questionable proposition), the only problem they had was we don't have a distributor in Greece (yet). Worry not my Grecian friends, we can ship from our store here in the US.


Another first, Hungarian! Paprikash for all! BUG, one of the best tech magazines in Hungary says, "U aspektu kvalitete zvuka ništa nije prepušteno slučaju. ModMic Uni zvuči prirodno, s ugodnom dubinom i prozračnošću, a bez ikakvog čujnog šuma ili sklonosti distorziranju prilikom glasnijeg razgovora."

... But most important of all, they score the ModMic Uni a 100% and the ModMic USB a 90%, so I am sure that says something good!


And now for some spatzel! I mean, Germany! Igor's Lab, one of the absolute best audio tech review sites in the world (They have a whole sound lab and previously handled all the Tom's Hardware stuff for Germany) scored the ModMic Wireless a jaw-dropping perfect score and THIS cool badge of honor!

Not to be outdone, but Game Zoom in Austria gave the ModMic USB a 90% and the "Technic and performance" award. Sweet! Google translate tells me Christoph, the reviewer, said, "Great microphone!" (Literally, that is the quote as translated)



These are just the tip of the review iceberg and more keep coming every week. We're very excited to hear what everyone thinks of our new lineup, but more importantly, already finding new ways to make it even better in the future!

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