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Winter PDXLan 2023!

PDXLan, Oregon's largest LAN event takes place in, you guessed it... Washington! For our second time this year we brought our A-game to this awesome event. Info at

The winter event went without a hitch, and for the first time customers could test out the Kimura Solo and Duo! A special thanks to our two newest staff members, Archibald and Headrick. Or are they Thomas Headison and Headdy Lamarr? Either way, they're a couple of dummies.

As always we also had our test bank of headphones, this time with both DT770 and 990, as well as the classic M50x, several Hifiman, and the Ultrasone 480i and 580i.

But of course, nothing draws a crowd quite like giving away free stuff! We gave away full headset bundles to support our local Portland (and Southern Washington) fans!


Maybe, just maybe, they were here to meet our CEO (Left) and Customer Service Manager (Right).

Want to meet our awesome team? Stay tuned for our next destination on the Antlion Audio whistle-stop tour!

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