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Introducing Factory Renewed ModMics!

Renewed, refurbished, refreshed. Call it what you will, the big headline here is 

All Renewed Products Come with a FULL 2-year Warranty!

There's more going on here than just a standard refurbishment. So, if you're interested in saving money and reducing waste, please read on! Otherwise, check out our full Renewed product page!

First, this is in part our response to the price increase that was forced on us by the chip shortage and overall inflation. We had this plan already in the works, but accelerated it in the wake of that announcement.

Second, it fits perfectly with our goal to reduce our environmental impact. This is really important to our company, because most of the goods you return simply end up in a landfill. See our article on "What happens to Amazon returns?" for more info. This helps give many of these units a second life!

So here it is: The price table for Renewed ModMics! All prices are USD.

Renewed Model Regular Price Renewed Price
ModMic Uni $54.95 $44.95
ModMic USB $84.95 $69.95
ModMic Wireless $139.95 $109.95


I'm sure there's some immediate questions that have already sprung to mind. Let's get to them:

How are these ModMics tested and renewed? 


Step 1: Testing

Each ModMic is hand tested by a trained specialist based in our Illinois facility for wire shorts and voice quality. Any defective unit is harvested for parts and recycled or disposed of according to local regulations. 

Step 2: Replace Parts

Every unit has the pop filter removed and trashed because... well, that would be gross right?

Then all the small parts, like base clasps, clips, and adhesives are replaced. This ensures the adhesives you're getting are fresh for maximum longevity. Yes, the new pop-filter is included in this step as well.

Finally, large parts are checked and, if missing, replaced. This is stuff like the hard shell carrying case, extension cables, etc.

Step 3: Repackage

All "Renewed ModMics" get their own special package and are sent back to our primary warehouses for resale. 


How "used" are we talking here?

Almost all of these units are less than 30 days old. Only returned, new in box, purchases are eligible, so no ModMics with warranty issues or previously refurbished units are included. If you're extra lucky you may even get a brand new unit that was returned without ever being touched! 

What about the battery of the Wireless?

We're covering the Wireless as if it was new via our Warranty, which includes regular-use battery issues. We fully expect the renewed unit to go for ~500 charge cycles before experiencing any significant battery decay, just like we do the new in box units. Again, at most it's had ~30 days of use out of its expected life.

Any Hidden Rules to this Warranty?

Just one really. For all of our products we replace the product with the same item or its equivalent. This means a Renewed ModMic is replaced with another Renewed ModMic. That's it really. Not even hidden, you can read the whole warranty policy here.

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