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ModMic for Business

A best-in-class microphone for VoIP

Bring clarity, performance, and comfort to any VoIP business call. Simply attach the ModMic to any pair of headphones.  See call productivity and meeting effectiveness both increase. Others will notice the difference!

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Case Study

Michelle is the Principal Consultant of Genie Grants, which provides institutional fundraising services for nonprofit organizations, and she had a problem. “My previous headset/microphone wasn't working well for me at all. I have to type during most of my conference calls, and my previous mic would pick up the sound of the typing. Not only could the people on the other end of the call hear the typing, but they would get automatically muted while I was "talking" (i.e. while my keyboard was making noise). So, I would end up missing pieces of the conversation.”

After switching to a pair of Sennheiser 598CS and adding a ModMic she, and her clients, immediately noticed the difference. “Thanks to the Sennheisers my physical comfort level has increased dramatically, but most important of all,” she says, “my problem with keyboard noise and requiring people to repeat themselves has been completely resolved since I switched to the ModMic.”

Genie Grants has now been using the ModMic in their office for over a year to help clients like Forward Together, whose mission is to unite communities to win rights, recognition and resources for all families. You can find out more about Genie Grants, their clients, and their mission at their website,

How ModMic Improves Your Business

The Right Headphones for the Job

The Right Headphones for the Job
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Voice is Your First Impression

Voice is Your First Impression
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