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A Special Discount for Educators

Teaching a hybrid classroom is challenging, but our attachable ModMic Wireless microphone will be the best possible communication tool in your arsenal. We're offering $40 off for teachers and educators via Verify (US Only). Only $99.95!

Teacher Discount

Attaches to Anything

Sure ModMics can attach to any pair of headphones or VR visor and deliver professional audio. That's easy. But really, ModMics can attach to practically any flat surface.

While teaching we suggest using a face shield and/or safety goggles as seen here. This allows full mobility around the class, keeps your hands free, and allows you to communicate to everyone, remote and present.

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One-Tap Mute

With just a single button press you can mute your mic from anywhere in the room, allowing you to handle any sensitive conversations in private. The bright red LED both on the mic and on the receiver let you know your mute status.

12 Hour Battery

The ModMic Wireless will go strong all day long, for up to 12 hours of continuous use. You can also use it while charging. In case you forget to charge the mic, a simple battery pack in your pocket can keep you going during an emergency.

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1. Click Get Discount below and sign into VerifyPass.

2. After verification, you'll receive a one-time discount code to apply during checkout.

3. Add the product to your cart, checkout, and apply the discount code (Limit 1 code per 24 hours.)

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“I’ve been massively impressed with how easy-to-use the ModMics are and the overall quality has been great.”
Painfully Honest Tech
“Wow, I am just impressed. My initial reaction is it just sounds great.”
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“This is a mod anyone who's serious about high quality voice comms should consider.”