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ModMic Accessories Combo Pack

Need some new base clasps, adhesives, and cable clips? This one stop package has everything you need for 3 new devices!

Put a ModMic everywhere! Or just replace a worn out base clasp. The ModMic Accessory Combo Pack gives you 3 new base clasps and 15 new cable clips! We estimate the average user will not need another replacement for many years. See our FAQ for ways to extend the life of your base clasps if you find them wearing out quickly.

  • 3 Antlion Base Clasps. NOTE: These are the Version 2 Base Clasps (with stronger magnets), which are standard on all current generation ModMic products and backwards compatible with older products such as the ModMic 4 and 5.
  • 15 Cable Clips
  • Works with any version of the ModMic!
Regular price $8.25