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2017 Year in Review

Welcome to 2018!

I know you can't read every post we make (or CAN you?), so at the end of the year I like to do a little wrap-up that goes over the major events.

First, let us at Antlion say this: Thank you all for an amazing 2017. Things are looking bright for 2018 and we will continue to provide the best products and best support for those products we can.

You can expect some BIG NEW PRODUCTS in 2018.

That's all I will say about that for now. On with the wrap-up!

Sponsored by ModMic!

In 2017 we finally took the plunge and began large scale sponsorship of Esports events! The 2017 list included Midas Mode, Blood in the Street, PUBG Online, and Team Complexity, as well as a wide variety of LAN events like AYBO, SAN LAN, LANFest, and many others. Also, why are LANs always in capslock?


In order to make these events and sponsorships work, we tapped some of our favorite friends on YouTube to make us some commercials, which we may have had a bit TOO much fun with. This one thanks to Bandrew at Podcastage, an awesome channel.

Wait, you're real people!? Antlion Discord!

It cracks me up that we get such a positive reaction from people who jump into our discord and are quickly greeted by a member of the Antlion staff (or at least one of our many helpers). Yeah, we're real. Yes, we will take time out of our day to help you. What do you mean other companies don't? Isn't that weird?

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DreamHack USA

Also for the first time we did a full convention run with a booth and everything! We hit Austin, Atlanta, and Denver for a full Dreamhack US tour. We gave away something like 45 ModMics and 3 pairs of headphones in our free raffles that attracted quite the crowd!


ModMic Business

In October we launched a product focused on VoIP! We kept this launch pretty quiet because we're still refining what VoIP focused users need that gamers don't. The best kept secret is that the ModMic Business ($49.95) comes with a free USB adapter but a shorter cable and no carrying case. If you don't want the carry case and only need 1.5 meters of cable, this is a great deal for anyone!


Charitable Giving

Every quarter we volunteer at local Portland non-profits and this year we added a new one to our regular list: The Portland Children's Museum. Our time was spent helping kids learn... or at least picking up after them and telling people where the bathrooms are.

In addition to our work at PCM we also volunteered at Free Geek electronics recycling and the Oregon Food Bank!

We also got involved with the charity event put on by Coolermaster to help high school robotics teams and raised over $40,000!



Our First Tutorials!

Probably not actually our FIRST tutorials, but we put a lot of time in the office answering and expanding on common questions and problems people run into with microphones. Everything from making your ModMic louder to a test to show the difference between noise canceling and omni mode and even our first videos about how to install the ModMic on difficult surfaces:


ModMic 5 Reviews

The ModMic 5 launched last year, but it often takes time to get reviews posted. As such, most of ModMic 5 reviews landed this year. Here's a sample!

Text Reviews:

"So it would appear that Antlion have pulled off the impossible; they’ve made the already impressive ModMic better and in fact more user friendly too. It’s hard to criticize the ModMic 5 in any way..."


"All in all, we're super satisfied with the results that the Modmic 5 have given us."


"If you have that really kick ass pair of stereo headphones you just want to use for your gaming set up and you need a boom mic then the ModMic 5 is just right for you."


Video Reviews:

ModMic vs. Blue Yeti vs. AT2020


ModMic 5 vs. Sennheiser Game ONE vs. GSP300


Conclusion? A GREAT YEAR!

This has been a year of fun events and rapid growth, basically everything we can ask for, and it is all thanks to our amazing fans and supporters. From the events to the reviewers we continue to meet the absolute best people in the world and we are looking at a very bright 2018!

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