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Adding Mic Boost - What to do if your ModMic is too quiet!

We've got a new post that covers mic boost while simultaneously reducing background noise. Check it out here:

So you have a ModMic but it is too quiet, even at max volume. You read you can boost the mic gain but you can't find a setting or the settings you have add too much white noise. This guide will walk you through a possible solution!

Every audio input is different. Some provide the full 5 volt plug-in-power like they should, others simply don't. Even high end soundcards sometimes neglect the mic input, focusing all their attention on the headphones and surround sound abilities.

If you plug in your ModMic and the volume just isn't loud enough, you can often add increments of +10dB of boost and still have it sound pretty good. However, some systems only have a volume setting and no boost. Or maybe you only really need +5dB, what then?

For PC:

Enter Equalizer APO, a free program on Source Forge located here:

While this program can do a lot more, we're going to focus ONLY on boosting the mic pre-amp. You can read other guides that go over adjusting EQ settings and other fun stuff.

Step one: Download Equalizer APO from the link above.

Step two: Run the Configurator.exe file

Step three: Select Capture Devices as the tab and then check whatever you've plugged your mic into. In this case we're using the Antlion USB, which shows up as C-Media USB Audio Device.

Step four: Reboot as many times as it tells you to!

Step five: Run the Configuration Editor file

Step six: Make sure you have selected the mic from the top right drop down.

Step seven: Begin adjusting the mic pre-amp located in the screenshot below until your mic is at the level you want it.

Keep in mind adjusting the pre-amp may introduce unacceptable high levels of white noise at high values. We suggest starting at +5dB and increasing it slowly. you'll likely run into noise problems at values over +10dB.

If it is still too quiet after adjusting these settings OR if the white noise (a background hiss or hum) is too loud you may be better off purchasing a simple USB adapter like ours. You can also buy a more expensive dedicated soundcard, but our USB device should be all your need.

Equalizer APO will run quietly in the background from here on out, just remember that it is there, should you change mic ports or mic products you'll need to readjust these settings!

For Mac Users:

Mac PCs usually require a USB adapter because Apple, for whatever reason, doesn't usually provide powered mic input. Don't ask us why, it's just the way it is. We're as sad as you are!

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