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2020 Holiday Year in "Review"

It's tradition around this time of year in the US to say what you are thankful for.

I am thankful to all the people who make it possible to do what we do here at Antlion Audio. Below are a few of the big highlights since our last review article in February, but whether you helped bring the ModMic to millions of people or "just that one person with the terrible mic on Discord" I am thankful for your help in making our dreams of audio excellence a reality.

Seriously, big or small, you guys make it possible. 

For anyone else still on the fence deciding if the hype is real: Don't take my word for it, check out some of these awards!


Reviews in English


"After being intrigued by the ModMic concept for years, I’ve finally gotten my mouth noises into several of them, and I am not disappointed."

PC World

Scored the ModMic Wireless90% and awarded it their prestigious Editor's Choice Award!

Just Push Start

Scored the ModMic USB a 90% and gave it an Editor's Choice award!

And lets give some love to a smaller content creator making some great tech content: Coalition Gaming did this YouTube review:


Reviews in German

Germany has been a major focus for us in 2020 and beyond. Our PR team has been hard at work bringing new coverage for ModMics!

VR Freaks

Scored the ModMic Wireless an 83%, calling it "Almost perfect!"


Included the ModMic Uni in their "Best Mics for PC Gamers" list


Not only loved the ModMic Wireless in this review, but added it to their Best Christmas Gift list!

PC Games Hardware Magazine

In their current issue (Nov 2020) scored the ModMic USB a 90% and awarded it an Editor's Choice award! Sadly I can't link to paper, but pick up a copy!

Finally, we have a review video from Damir Franc, who really showcases how amazing our mics sound, especially compared to headsets like Cloud Alpha.




Welcome ModMic to Romania!

This year we're proud to announce ModMics are readily available in Romania for the first time and we've been met with rave reviews across the board. Here's the quick highlight reel.

Scored the ModMic Wireless a staggering perfect 100% rating!

Similarly scored the Wireless a worthy 83% and gave us a Best Buy award!

Completing the trifecta, WASD scored the Wireless a whopping 90% and gave it a Top Pick award!

Want to hear what a ModMic sounds like in Romanian? ClipFlixTV has this review! You don't need to speak Romanian to hear how good it sounds.


This is just a quick snapshot of some of the reviews, not including all the new live streamers and regular customers using and showcasing their ModMic. In total we've seen over 100 new content creator and journalist reviews around the world this year! So once again, thank you all!

From everyone here at Antlion Audio we wish you a safe and happy holiday season!

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