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ModMic For Teachers

A Challenging Year

As schools move from virtual classrooms back to a strange mix of partially in person, partially remote, a new challenge appeared. How do you maintain good audio for your remote listeners while moving around the room to help students in person?


The Problem

We've spent the last couple weeks talking to teachers about these challenges and heard all kinds of horror stories. The first teacher we spoke to has a desktop mic in the middle of the class and turned the gain up to maximum. The second wanders around with a pink karaoke mic in hand. A few we spoke to use wireless lav mics, but have students complaining about movement noise and audio quality issues.


The Solution

The answer came from Stevin Smith at Dole Middle School. The ModMic Wireless!

Steve has attached the ModMic to his face shield. Not only does this deliver perfect audio from anywhere in the room, but keeps his hands free for helping his students. As a bonus, the ModMic Wireless allows him to instantly mute the mic in case he needs to have any private discussions and the battery lasts the entire school day.


The Deal

It's not in our nature to try to maximize profit when teachers are already underpaid and struggling to do their best under terrible conditions. That's why we're working with Verify to give any educator access to a ModMic Wireless for 33% off. That's a full $10 lower than our best ever Black Friday pricing!

Still too much? We can get even lower with bulk purchasing for a school or district. Our goal is to ensure every student can do their best this year, so

Contact Us directly to place a bulk order for 6 or more microphones at even lower prices.

Learn more and pick one up for your class on our special Teachers page.

Please help spread the word to your local schools, teachers, and district offices. We'll do everything we can to help!

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