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2021 Year in Review

Holy moly, 2021 is over already!?

Sure we seem to be trapped in a perpetual "not quite full lockdown pandemic, not quite out of the pandemic" life, but we sure think this year went by faster than last year!

So what happened at Antlion Audio this year? Our key word this year is expanding! We're not just expanding our bottom line, read on for how we're expanding our service, tutorials, and donations as well!

Expanding our Warranty!

Did you know ModMics now come with a standard 2 year warranty, retroactive from your date of purchase? We used to offer a 1 year warranty in most locations, but we felt that didn't quite show our full commitment to excellent products and services. At no charge or price increase we expanded that to 2 years for everyone, everywhere, even if you purchased before we expanded our warranty!

Expanding Around the Globe!

We continue to launch ModMics into new regions and bring stronger presence to others.

Most important to many of you is we now have warehouses in the EU and UK! Boring as that sounds, you can buy from our site in GBP or Euros and have it shipped quickly without any risk of import duties, customs, or additional taxes!

For the first time ever we have partners selling in parts of South America, especially Brazil and Chile. We also see new partners coming online in Eastern Europe like Romania and Bulgaria. We expect this to continue into more areas of South America and Eastern Europe in 2022.

We also have a much stronger presence in the EU as well with a wide variety of new vendor partners as well as selling directly on Amazon in Europe.

We even launched in some major stores, including GameStop (US & Italy), Minidisc (Australia), JB Hifi (Australia), all big wins for us!

Expanding Giving!

All year long we've been running a campaign to allow customers to select charities at checkout that we will donate to. This isn't one of those grocery store things where you are asked to spend more to give to charity, it was included in your purchase, so I really hope anyone who met the criteria made use of it!

This year we've given over $4,250 to a wide variety of charities. We know it isn't some multi-million dollar donation, but we firmly believe that every dollar matters and our Givz based method ensures we have enough to donate as well as grow.

Expanding our Tutorials (Shelf Filtering)!

Ever wanted a quick and easy way to adjust the way your mic sounds? We put together an easy tutorial on using shelf filters for the quick-fix you may be looking for. Check it out:

That's all for now. See you in 2022 for some big news regarding new products!

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