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2022 Year in Review!

2022 is in the rear-view mirror and what a view it is! We got SO much done that this wrap-up can't even contain it all. As always, we couldn't have done it without our awesome customers who continue to recommend ModMics to friends, family, enemies, and random strangers they accost in the supermarket.

But before we get to what happened last year, a BIG announcement!

Coming Soon...

A NEW PRODUCT! And we mean completely new, not a ModMic or ModMic accessory, something... else. We will be answering questions and showing off the new product LIVE on our Discord SOON. Join now so you don't miss the announcement!

Reviews in Review

As always we are blessed to have such fabulous reviewers cover our products and heap on the ego-bloating praise that keeps us coming to work every day.

Jayz2cents says our wireless tech should be the industry standard!

For our German friends, Geek Freak uses terms like "BESTE" and "BESSER" - We don't need to speak German to know these are good things!

Future Shock Studios loves it as well in an incredible comprehensive video covering comparisons, installation, features, and so much more.

New, Renewed, ModMics

We launched our newest venture, to recondition returned ModMics to save money for customers while also reducing waste. We believe in this program so much that they come with a full warranty, just like a new mic! The program is still only available in the US, but we hope with some more testing and success we'll roll it out in the EU and Canada in the future. Stay tuned our foreign friends!

For those in the US, check out the low prices on Renewed ModMics!

DIY! Visit our 3D Print Lab

One of the founding principals of the ModMic concept is to empower our customers to build things, be that their custom headset or... something more! We introduced our 3D Print Lab early this year and have had a steady influx of new submissions! If you have access to a 3D printer and haven't seen it, check it out. We particularly love the ModMic Wireless charging stands people have made!

Want to send us your own submission? Email us at!


Oh, Canada?

We opened our first warehouse in Canada this year! Our Northern neighbors are benefiting from reduced shipping times, reduced shipping costs, and most importantly: No need to deal with customs! You do need to pay sales tax though, so that's a bummer, but still, we're very excited to continue expanding our global footprint.

Next stop? While we are not operating a facility in Mexico yet, we just launched Amazon MX cross-border fulfillment from the USA. Let Amazon deal with customs and get your package super fast. Viva!

Staffing Up!

We welcomed Brendan to the Antlion family this year. His time spent working with our friends over at Campfire Audio (Another Portland, OR company!) was not wasted. He joined us early this year to assist with social media, PR, and general marketing activities and has been kicking-butt since day one.

If you want to join our ever-growing stream team, have a channel that does product reviews, or have some event sponsorship to pitch he's your guy. You can find him in our Discord as Antlion_Brendan or email us at and our service team will forward your query. So once again, welcome Brendan to Antlion Audio. We hope he'll be here for a long time to come.

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