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"Limited Edition" Kimura Duo Box (AKA: WOOPS!)

Those purchasing a very early unit of the Kimura Duo may notice something very strange with the box:

It has a picture of the Kimura Solo on it! (Also the back of the box has the Kimura Solo text.)

Yes, just like the baseball cards, stamps, and coins of old, we made a printing error that is sure to be worth a fortune to collectors some day.

While this error will be fixed in the next run, rest assured the internals of the box contain everything you're expecting with the Kimura Duo. The IEMs are blue and contain that sweet additional balanced armature.

We apologize for any confusion this may have caused. We determined that the waste of having to send all of these products back to China, throw away all that packaging, and reprint it was simply not in-line with our focus on trying to be environmentally responsible. We even had an offer from our partners to cover the dollars and cents cost!

Please accept our apology and we hope you'll enjoy having a little piece of history to keep in a closet, unearthed by archeologists of the future and placed where it rightfully belongs: A museum.

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