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Finally SOME pre-orders are shipped!

We shipped out pre-orders up until August 26th (order #s less than #1553 will ship, we think). The way our software listed the orders made for the error. So, I suppose this is good for those who didn't think they'd get their mics.

Update 9/14: The new process samples will be shipped out to us on Monday. If they are satisfactory we will order the next batch ASAP. The making of the new batch should take about 10 days. So, the new estimate is going to be something like the first or second week of October when they ship (if things are up to quality standards... fingers crossed, again.) 

Thanks for the feedback and support everyone-




#1 Next batch of 2.0s, orders #1553 and up:  Shipping Likely Early October, maybe Oct 4th to 8th.

#2 Mute-version 2.1s: Once we get the 2.0 quality up to par then we'll jump right into the mute mics. These should be available 2-4 weeks after the 2.0s are here (#1, see above)


Thanks again for the patience, 

J et al.

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