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Something of an Update:

As of 9/24/12 we are told good news from our cable manufacturer that we should be able to make the appropriate fixes to the design. We'll get a new photo up (if things look different enough) as soon as we can. Still not a lot to work with in terms of waits/delays.
We finally received our next batch samples on 9/20/12 and while a few of the first batch issues were fixed, one of the fixes now causes an unacceptable level of background noise (@#$%!!!). We are working on fixing it right now but can't give a good wait estimate until we hear back from our boom manufacturer, again...
Our first batch is now reaching customers. It is the first round of the new 2.0 ModMic and as you may know we had to quickly test them, toss out those that didn't perform, and quickly ship those that did well to our waiting customers. So, if new issues pop up after some use we really need to hear about it @  
(We'd also love to hear if you're happy with the mic! But we're not sure why one would come back to the site if they didn't need anything...)
-Haste makes waste-
We have heard of a few mics that were apparently damaged in transit and simply would not output any sound as well as some that had hot spots on the boom. Our sincere apologies to those who were dealt this whack experience.
We are committed to our product's quality and will make sure that everyone receives quality mics. 
Lastly, we must apologize for these delays!
We appreciate all the support and patience. We will prevail-
Jimmy et al.
WAIT TIME FOR 2.0: still difficult to say. Possibly 2-4 weeks again. We will update as soon as we know more.
WAIT TIME FOR 2.1 MUTE VERSION: Above  +1-2 weeks

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