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A Small Update

Hi Guys-

We spoke with our cable and boom manufacturer today (9/26). They say that they'll send some samples tomorrow for a new mic tip design and a new boom type. The new mic tip will make incorporation of omni- and uni-directional mics easier, so that's cool. They've fixed the 3.5mm jack issue that some users have wound up with (our bad for not catching that sooner, guys!). We're also going to test a new boom type. If that works well then we may have to tweak our clasp molds again, ugh. The new boom type should/could fix a few issues around boom sensitivity and it would make the mute version a little easier/faster to make (We want the mute version out ASAP, too!).

If we like what we see (and hear) then they'll start in on another mold construction. They say that it would be complete by the 9th of October and then the first production run will take about 9 days to complete. 

So, that makes it sound like--if quality is back up to par and everything runs smoothly--we might be able to ship mics in about 4 weeks (~Oct 24th)

Last time we rushed things, even though we culled about 1/3rd of the mics, we still missed a few hidden defects on some of the mics. We will not let that happen again, so please bear with us through this frustrating time.




P.s. Do either of these ideas pique your interest? Comment if you like/dislike or have suggestions.

1) We've been wanting to make the mic have interchangeable mics e.g. it would come with a -26dB and a -36db omni/uni-directional capsules that you could switch out to your preference. (But first we need to get the rest of the ModMic fixed....)

2) We're also planning to make a spring steel band with a clasp mount that can be used to hold the mic on your neck or head when you don't want to wear headphones.

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