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Finally, some pretty solid good news:

We tested the latest samples and they sound great. Cables are fixed and production should be able to resume quickly. 

We must jump one or two more hurdles to be certain that quality will be solid for the majority of the mics but this is a great start.

If all goes well, we'll soon have a better idea of the ship date for the batch (will update ASAP here).



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  • @Brad – I’ll put up a new entry/post re:ship dates

    Jimmy on

  • So if i live in Aus and ordered these from you on 10/10/12 – i could expect delivery when?

    Brad on

  • Yay! Good news and I am still patiently waiting by. My ATH-M50s are lonely! :)

    n3farious on

  • Good to hear from you all!
    We have pulled the trigger again and are told that our mics will arrive around the 22nd of October +/- a day or two.

    @David – For those with faulty mics (sorry!) we will be shipping your replacement directly from our office rather than the warehouse. So, there won’t be much in the way of tracking but we will shoot out confirmations. The replacements will be the first to go out but we shouldn’t have an issue filling the entire pre-order list this time (provided that more than 2/3rds of the mics work).

    @Hambo – love the pic. We are pleased to be your upgrade ;)

    @Zack – The trigger has been pulled. We’ve squashed many of the bugs we found in the first 2.0 batch so we’re more confident that things will be much better this time around. Still, things can go wrong … we won’t send out shoddy mics (which we said last time and indeed sent out some bad mics. We’ve implemented more QC tests to catch the things that we didn’t look for in the last batch).

    Jimmy on

  • Sounds great!
    Don’t rush, though. If we’re all willing to have a quality product, I think we can wait a bit longer.
    I’m really excited for the next update.

    Zack on

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