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Expected Ship Dates (as of October 12th)


Mics are currently in Los Angeles, making their way up the coast... So we will probably not get them until tomorrow. Still, we should have them shipping out before the end of October. 




Can't thank you guys enough for your patience throughout this whole ModMic 2.0 debacle. 

Here's what we know:

Our cable manufacturer is preparing the next 2.0 batch. It will be shipped stateside on the 22nd of October. This means:

  • Pre-ordered mics should be shipped out in the last week of October (~25th-31st)
  • International shipping usually takes 5-10 business days.
  • Replacement booms (!#$%ing nightmare 1st batch...) will ship earlier than the above.
  • We should have no problems with filling every pre-order
We must entertain the notion that this 2nd batch may have its problems. It may be late. We may not get all that we ordered (as with the 1st batch). So, we can't say that this ship date is in stone, but it's looking good so far. We have ironed out many issues, so we're optimistic. Furthermore, the 2.1 mute version will likely go into production if this batch is where we need it to be in terms of quality. 2.1 mics may ship late Nov if our stars align. 



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  • @Jlaw – if the quality of this 2nd batch is satisfactory then we’ll start (with the same cable manufacturer) building the prototypes for the 2.1 so that we can open up pre-orders and offer actual specs. Shouldn’t be too long.

    Jimmy on

  • any idea when the 2.1 pre-orders might go up?

    Jlaw on

  • @Nick – I just updated for this question. You’ll likely have your mic shipped with everyone else (but we can’t be completely sure after how we got burned last batch)

    Jimmy on

  • Just found out about this mic and ordered…curious if I made the cutoff for this batch of pre-orders to be shipped out?

    Nick on

  • @Antonio – Thanks!

    @Jared & Zack- We’re looking onto doing white. We need make sure that there’s enough of a demand for it. HST is an idea, but may be difficult to get over the large diameter tip then down onto the boom tightly. Also there’s the clasp color and cable color … we’re working on it.

    @Tony – On their way here … not quite in the states yet. Probably means we’ll have them delivered here on the 24th. Still should be able to go out before end of October, barring any surprises.

    Jimmy on

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