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Ugh. Bad news on the 2nd batch ...

Not sure how to say it... 

91% of the 2nd batch mics didn't pass QC. This is incredibly frustrating to all involved ... but there is good news on the horizon:

  • We are very certain of what's wrong and know we can fix it in the next batch
  • Additional wait shouldn't be very long. ~2-3 weeks.
  • Enough passed QC to chip away some off the wait list and all of those waiting for replacements
  • Mute version is coming along 

    In the spirit of transparency we whipped up a video that does a little explaining and lets you listen to what the rejects (and Jimmy) sound like: (skip to ~0:40 if you want to just listen to the bad mic comparison)
    This was a true disappointment and I hope you all can bear with us in this additional wait.
    Sincerely, with a big dose of WTF,

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