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Ugh. Bad news on the 2nd batch ...

Not sure how to say it... 

91% of the 2nd batch mics didn't pass QC. This is incredibly frustrating to all involved ... but there is good news on the horizon:

  • We are very certain of what's wrong and know we can fix it in the next batch
  • Additional wait shouldn't be very long. ~2-3 weeks.
  • Enough passed QC to chip away some off the wait list and all of those waiting for replacements
  • Mute version is coming along 

    In the spirit of transparency we whipped up a video that does a little explaining and lets you listen to what the rejects (and Jimmy) sound like: (skip to ~0:40 if you want to just listen to the bad mic comparison)
    This was a true disappointment and I hope you all can bear with us in this additional wait.
    Sincerely, with a big dose of WTF,

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    • thanks for the update, would feel worse if i had received a dud, maybe before Christmas.
      fingers crossed. perth australia

      mark on

    • @Glenn – Thanks. We keep them for the meantime, but we ended up recycling the last batch that was bad. Many of them are just not useable.

      @Matt – Good to hear. We will be putting up a new post here in a bit about how soon we’ll have the next batch in. It should be 2-3 weeks so I think you’d be better off waiting. If push comes to shove, maybe we’d do some sort of sale like that.

      @Edmonem – Note taken.

      @Hambo – Thanks. Yeah, slider may be best for durability and information about on/off.

      @Billy – Thanks- we should have the new batch coming in the next few weeks…

      @Sevi – Our ecommerce/shipping system isn’t really set up for pre-orders so it says that but it only means that the order has been received by the shipper (and that they’ll ship it when they get the mics in). It’s not the best language, sorry for the confusion.

      Jimmy on

    • I just received an E-Mail with the following text:
      “All of the items from order #2192 will be shipped”.
      My fullfilment status is fullfiled does that mean that my modmic is shipped and that i can get it in 5-8 days or do i have to wait for batch 3??

      Sevi on

    • Well that is some bad news to hear, but at least you guys caught it before we received the rejects. Take your time to fix them. Can’t wait for any new features that you guys might plan to add in the next batch. Will definitely keep following this. Good luck with the issues. Keep up the awesome work.

      Billy on

    • Disappointing indeed, but what the heck … you guys have been able to localize the problem and we will gladly wait a little bit longer for a quality product. Love the way you keep people informed about everything btw. Keep it up!

      Concerning the mute-version, any form of indicator, which allows the user to see/feel whether the mic is muted or not would be much appreciated! A slider or switch mechanism would be easiest, I suppose and personally I’d prefer it over a LED-indicator.
      In the end I wouldn’t really care whether it’s a slider, a switch, a sunken button or a LED, as long as I can somehow tell, if the mic is currently recording or not.

      Hambo on

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