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3rd Batch is the Charm...

UPDATE 11/1/12-

#1: The mold is finished and looks good. It's being tested for production/quality. Pending good results, we'll pull the trigger on the run. Mics may be here in ~10 days if that's the case.

#2:  We have good news on a contingency plan that's looking like it can step up if need be (but we're pretty sure we won't need it).

#3:  QC-passed units from batch 2 chipped away at orders up to those who ordered on the 29th of August. You should get an email if yours was shipped.



The new (microphone-friendly) mold will be done in 3-4 days. 

The production run should take 6 days after the mold is complete and tested. 

So, if all goes well and there are no hiccups or adjustments that need to be made, we should be able to have the mics here within these 3 weeks.

We'll be ordering enough mics to cover all orders (and some more for good measure).

We are confident about the new mold and its ability to not destroy the mic's baseline quality. We'll have an update from the manufacturer when the mold is complete and will know a little more at that time about how things are going to look. I'll update when we get more info.

Thanks for hanging in there with us-


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  • @Jimmy
    Thanks for that information it is much appreciated, now it is a case of be patient like the spider and wait for the fly or the mic in this case.
    Good luck with the production run. Look forward to the results.

    Steve on

  • @Brad – Sorry to hear about your disappointment. We figure that we have so many little updates and so little solid news that it may become spam-esque to email updates. But, your point is taken/appreciated and, provided that the 3rd batch doesn’t cause us another critical SNAFU, an email to all who are waiting seems appropriate. Thanks- we hope to clean all this up ASAP.

    @Steve – Temperature/pressure issues will simply be side-stepped in this 3rd batch. The new mold is designed to use more interference fitting rather than glue which should eliminate some of your concerns. The tip will still be one solid piece of thermoelastomer and will likely only use a little glue on the boom/tip interface. The manual labor difference between this new method and our old ones is probably not too significant. Lastly, this only concerns the tip, which shouldn’t be subject to much harassment during use (when compared to the strain reliefs, cable, boom, clasps). Once we get some mics in we can do a thorough analysis on them and give you more information on how things will end up. Thanks for the questions/support! Cheers-

    Jimmy on

  • Just a few questoins and thoughts coming from a steel making and production background.
    If your mould is getting too hot. How many successful injections are you achieving before the mould reaches critical temp?
    What is the cool down time required for the mould to be bought back online?
    Is it possible to manufacture in smaller batches?
    I just watched the video and there is talk about gluing things together as a workaround which raises concerns of poor quality as the mics will now require some manual assembly. This will introduce human error into the production process regarding the amount of glue used, quality of the glue, quality of the person doing the gluing. Potential deterioration of the glue in the mic over time which could lead to failure of the assembly.
    Look forward to the response as I am waiting on a mic to be delivered.

    Steve on

  • I’m a bit disappointed. I have checked my emails frequently for updates on this, but ended up coming here to find the info i needed. Maybe a email to everyone who has purchased one might allow for better communication. I do however appreciate the issues and the information supplied here is updated regularly it seems and that is good.

    @JPW both teamspeak and skype allow you to assign a key to mute your mic.

    Brad on

  • @Adrian – Yes, shipping to AU is no problem. shipping/handling cost is 7-8 USD.

    @Ryan – Sorry, I thought I had replied to this question earlier … will update. We only got out enough to fill orders ordered before Aug 30th.

    @Dan – ETA on the 2.1 mute version is hopefully around 1.5-2 months. It’s hard to say. Assuming the 3rd batch is good- it shouldn’t take too long to get the mutes out. Again, there’s a lot that we can only guess about right now.

    @Matt – provided that the 3rd batch isn’t baked like 1 & 2 (very unlikely that we’ll encounter that issue again) we shouldn’t have wait times for the 2.0 after this. If things go smoothly we should have mics to sell around mid-November. Christmas should be no problem.

    Jimmy on

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