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Update on ship time estimate

We are expecting to have the 3rd batch shipped out (to us) on Monday, November the 12th. You know the drill: if we have no surprises we'll get the mics assembled and shipped to our shipper who will ship them out to you likely around the weekend of the 17th.

We'll update when we know more-

I hope all my fellow US denizens are voting today!



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  • @Chase, the cat must die.

    Feral2U on

  • @Paul- You should. Everyone should get theirs with this batch (as long as we are pleased with the quality).
    @Chase- Hah! So sorry to hear that. Yours is the 3rd recorded death of a mic due to cat attack. Maybe we can get you some sort of cat-damage discount…

    Jimmy on

  • I finally got it and it was certainly worth the wait! Used it last night and it worked great. Went to work today, came home, and my cat chewed the foam to pieces and destroyed the microphone bit (the little silver piece was on the floor). I was SO MAD! I guess I’ll get one with a mute button in the coming weeks.

    Chase on

  • Hey guys,

    I preordered my Mic on the 4th october, will I get oone from this batch? My order is #1942. Thanks.

    Paul on

  • @Stuart & n3farious – Yes, the modular design is where we’re going. It makes sense as the progression for the MOD-mic as well as it’s just pretty cool. We’re working with a 3rd factory that will hopefully make these modular versions. We’re excited about getting the modular version public but first it’s the 2.0, then the 2.1, then we’ll get the modular out (3.0?). We have an earlier blog post where we took input about design changes ( if you’re interested in seeing what the other possibilities are…
    Fingers crossed here as well. I’ll post as soon as the mics arrive (mics are being shipped out to us on Monday) and we’ll put an end to this waiting (we hope).
    @Tony – Thanks!

    Jimmy on

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