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Another Shipping Time Update

 Mics are now en route from the manufacturer. Looks like they were shipped a few hours ago so that means we'll likely get them on Saturday. We'll run them through the QC gauntlet--that has claimed many souls--and then hopefully ship a big batch to our shipper on Monday. This puts us at getting the mics shipped to you mid next week depending on how quickly our shipper can dish them out.

We're also getting some mute slider button samples and are testing some new types of mic capsules to see if we can polish the 2.0 sound quality.

Additionally, we're also getting some samples from our prospective/contingent factory that will help us explore options to better the noise-cancelling quality and to test a modular cable/mic setup (and act as a fallback plan if the 3rd batch somehow doesn't pass QC).

In a holding pattern until then-


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  • So how’d the 3rd batch turn out? I’m assuming it went well since you didnt make a “4th batch blog” …crossing my fingers

    Edmonem on

  • I just heard about this from Palmer Lucky (creator of Oculus Rift) and thank goodness because I have been looking for a high quality mic that was not attached to headphones, but wasn’t a desk mic. Looking forward to receiving the mic.

    Just curious, if this is 2.0. When was 1.0 released and how was it different?

    Alex Oh on

  • I would just like to testify how amazing Antlion is. After seeing these blog posts about how availability is based on batches, I was skeptical when I would receive the modmic. In less than a few hours, the modmic was shipped out and I am more than impressed with this level of service :D

    John on

  • Hello Jimmy,

    I was wondering if you’ve any sort of ETA on the mute version?


    Afonso Queiró on

  • @Ben – If you have a front i/o panel, just plug the mic in to that jack. Then, whenever you need to mute your mic… unplug it. Sometimes the most simple solutions are the best and you won’t have to wait on the new version.

    B on

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