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Another Shipping Time Update

 Mics are now en route from the manufacturer. Looks like they were shipped a few hours ago so that means we'll likely get them on Saturday. We'll run them through the QC gauntlet--that has claimed many souls--and then hopefully ship a big batch to our shipper on Monday. This puts us at getting the mics shipped to you mid next week depending on how quickly our shipper can dish them out.

We're also getting some mute slider button samples and are testing some new types of mic capsules to see if we can polish the 2.0 sound quality.

Additionally, we're also getting some samples from our prospective/contingent factory that will help us explore options to better the noise-cancelling quality and to test a modular cable/mic setup (and act as a fallback plan if the 3rd batch somehow doesn't pass QC).

In a holding pattern until then-


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