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GAH! + ugh. = 3rd batch is not good.

UPDATE: Batch #4 has been started today and we are supposed to have that shipped out to us on the 27th. We'll do the soldering and testing. Should have mics out for shipping/sale about a week after that. 

We are having them ship the mic capsules to us on the 23rd, so we should be able to know that we're finally having a solid opportunity to fulfill everyone's orders. If the capsules are good (not sure how they wouldn't be since they'll be factory-direct) then it will be really tough to have another hiccup in the assembly. We'll just need to solder them into the booms and test them again after that.

As for the contingency supplier, we are still working on it tonight with them and will update when we get things worked out. Probably 4/5-ish weeks to get the molds and first run out.


Okay guys, we made a video, again. I used Audacity to show the spectrum because YouTube doesn't really offer great sound replication.

Cliff Notes:

  • Batch 3 is bad. All the mics we tested were shorted (see video: they have a terrible baseline hum and pick up all static when held)
  • We think this is due to bad soldering (using some strange flux? too much heat for too long?) 
  • We fixed the mics when we soldered our old mic capsule on the new batch 3 boom tip, so->
  • We will have the manufacturer only make the cable/boom/jack/tip and leave wire leads for us to do the delicate soldering and QC (We did this for the 1.0 version. We know the mics and their quality (and we know how to solder them...))
  • We need to wait until tonight to discuss timelines with the manufacturer but it should be fast because there are no new molds or parts to be made. We will aim to have mics in your hands 2-3 weeks. More on this when we can update.
  • We will also start ordering a large batch from our contingency manufacturer (cost a little more but fancy build quality) as back-up for ending this drought.
  • We made progress with the contingency manufacturer who has nice uni-directional mics. We hope to order a batch soon for final testing.
  • The mute switch samples came in today as well but--now that we may be done with this batch's manufacturer--we may skip the 2.1 and go straight to 3.0/3.1 (modular cables with/without mute) depending on the quality from our contingency manufacturer.
  • Please post any questions you have-
  • Lastly, we really, really appreciate all your patience and support. (Feels like we're making Duke Nukem over here)

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