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Addressing some FAQ and a bit of an update

 We've had a good amount of questions on the modular and mute versions and their statuses so I'll do my best to address them. For the TL;DR version just read the bold text

When will my ordered mic be shipped to me?

The mic capsules are on their way to us right now. The cables/booms will arrive in another week + some change. We will be able to test the capsules soon and report on those (in a ~week). Pics came in today of the boom parts and they're looking good- the wait time really depends on when these booms/cables come in. We hope to have these mics shipping out in the 1st/2nd week of December.  Shipping times: Four business days or fewer for domestic orders and 5-10 business days for international orders. Right now, it's looking like we should be able to make pre-Christmas delivery for most orders. Fingers crossed for no delays.

1.0/2.0/2.1/3.0/3.1 ... so many numbers and versions, just what are you guys making, exactly?

Other than making you guys wait (couldn't resist the joke), we have 2 versions in the making. The number system is easy to write but doesn't really describe what is going on so here I will explain:

  • The only mic available for pre-order is the "2.0" or the Modmic with a 3 meter cable that is 2.0mm in diameter. No mute button. 3.5mm jack.  Same omni-directional mic used with 1.0 mics. Manufacturer #1 is making this mic (or its parts, WE are soldering and assembling them). (As stated above:) The mic capsules are on their way to us right now. The cables/booms will arrive in another week + some change. We will be able to test the capsules soon and report on those. We hope to have these mics shipping out in the 1st/2nd week of December.
The 2.1 was the project with manufacturer #1 to add a mute to the cable. This has been put on hold due to #1's difficulties in quality control. 3.0 is the "modular" mic where you can swap out different cables/booms-- manufacturer #2 was chosen for this project and we are now in the mold-making part of the first batch. 3.1 is the modular mic with a mute cable on it. 
  • So, the "modular/3.0" Modmic is the other project physically in the works. Currently we are getting the molds made and are testing the omni- and uni- directional mics. The mute/braided/short/long cables samples are being made but herein lies the difficulty in offering a good release date for the "mute" version of the mic: the mute cable may not be finalized when the first batch of the 3.0 comes out. In other words, the modular mic may be available (with 1m/3m/5m? cables) but its mute/volume cable accessories may take a little longer to become available. As soon as we can get some satisfactory samples we will put the 3.0 up for pre-order.
Is there going to be a sound quality difference between 2.0 and 3.0? The omni-directional mic for the 3.0 will sound as good as the 1.0/2.0 omni- mic. We are working on a 3.0 uni-directional/noise-cancelling and its properties are a little different. More tests on that in the future.

Okay, so, when can I order this modular/mute version?

We plan to have a batch of 3.0s here around the start of January but this will probably not have the mute cable yet. That will likely take a little longer to finalize and produce- how much longer? Hard to say at this time. A few weeks more?

But, to answer the question, the mute/modular Modmics may be pre-order ready in a few weeks. We need to get finalized specs and some solid mute samples before we make any promises.

Hypothetically, you'll be able to buy a modular mic (that's in stock and that will ship when you buy it (imagine that!)) in early January and can later buy the mute cable for it when that comes available. You'll be paying for shipping and handling twice but this is just a scenario of what's likely possible for those who are interested. 

It's just ... I'm in line to get a 2.0, but, #&@%-it, I can wait the required month(s?)+ for this modular/mute mic. Can my order be switched?

Unfortunately, the system isn't set up to alter order contents once they're in the fulfillment queue (got the email saying your mic was shipping? Yeah, that only means it's being put in the queue, sadly. Always blame the "system" when possible. You will get an email when your order actually ships, though).

What must be done if you want to change: email us and ask for your order to be cancelled then you will need to wait until the 3.0/3.1 becomes available for pre-order/order. We must stress that this 3.0/3.1 wait time is pretty unknown at the moment and could be months.

How about the pricing on the 2.0 vs 3.0?

The 3.0 is definitely more expensive to manufacture but it shouldn't translate into any crazy price hikes. Hard to say right now without more data. 

Okay, I think that's enough for now. Thanks for putting up with the delays and my jokes.


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