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Update on delivery estimates (warning for new orders)

UPDATE(12/6): Shipped another batch out to our shipper today/6th (expected to arrive there on Tuesday). We could only fill 80% of back orders with the limited amount of capsules we had. Should get more capsules in tomorrow (they're in Cincinnati at the moment) so the additional wait should be minimal. Sound quality has great with a high % of the mics. We had some faulty parts and mics keep us from clearing more of the back-orders but nothing worth making a sad video about ;) 

UPDATE(12/4): Just shipped the first bunch of the batch out. It's expected to get to our shipper on Thursday. So we're on schedule. Working hard here to get these assembled, tested, and shipped out as soon as possible. 

PLEASE READ: If you're ordering today mic now your order may be delayed an extra ~week compared to those who are back-ordered. (We ordered 2 types of capsules to avoid having yet another setback. One of those types turned out to have inferior quality so we've got enough good mics to fill orders but have to wait for another coming shipment of capsules to fill out newer orders)

We've got good mics here and should have the booms in tomorrow AM. We'll solder/assemble them and send them to our shipper ASAP. 

Estimates for ship dates:

  • Back-orders (from this ~week and before): Should ship this Friday/Saturday (7th/8th) or early the following week (10th-12th).
  • New orders: Probably an additional week depending on when the mics arrive again.

Shipping times are usually: 

  • USPS domestic = 2-4 business days
  • USPS international = 5-10 business days

If all goes as planned we should have no problem getting mics delivered before X-mas. 




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