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Update on shipped mics and waiting times

UPDATE(Dec 19th)- Just shipped out the batch that will fill all waiting orders(!).  Should arrive at the shipper on Friday, which means they'll probably ship on Saturday/Monday. Let's hope that the holidays don't slow down the mic delivery too much ....

Update(Dec 18th)- Great News! Mics just came in and they sound great. We've tested ~10% of them and had great QC scores. Should have these guys shipping out soon. This means that we should be able to fill all remaining back orders with this shipment(!).

Update(Dec 13th)- Looks like the first 2 out of the 3 shipments we've made to the shipper have shipped. The 3rd shipment has been delivered at the shipper (on the 12th) but doesn't look like it's shipped out yet... I imagine they'll ship out tomorrow. Should know more about what order numbers did/didn't ship soon. 

P.S.PLEASE take care and follow the tube's (3M's) directions when applying the adhesive clasps. Clean it, Press it down for 30 seconds, and then let it Cure on there for up to an hour before giving it a test trial of tension! (nice flat surfaces usually don't require this but it doesn't hurt).




So far, 40% of mics have been shipped from the shipper, another 40% have been shipped to the shipper and should ship on Tuesday or Wednesday. We just got the last batch of mic capsules in and therefore another ~15% or so should be shipped on Monday to the shipper. We are waiting on another batch of booms/cables so that we can fill the final ~5% of remaining back orders and at that time we hope to finally be finished with this 2.0 pre-order saga (3.0 pre-order may be only a month away). I'll try to break down the information:

What orders have been shipped in the first 40%? 

It looks like those who ordered mics before order number #2023 (or before October 13th) should be on their way. You should get an email from our shipper when your order is shipped.

And what about the next 40%? What orders will that ship out?

You'd think the math would be simple but it's really difficult to get an accurate idea until we actually ship them out (cancelled/aborted order #s, multiple mic orders, different sales volumes during different months/dates...). Will update when this info becomes available. I'd like to say that we'll get most of Novembers order filled, but ... don't take my word for it; we've been wrong before.

And the 15%?

The 15% will likely be shipped around the same time as the latter 40%.

And the unlucky last 5%?

We're hoping to get the next boom/cable batch shipped here by Friday/Saturday and to have them shipping by the 21st or so.

What if I order now?

Same as the 5% above. We should have enough booms/mics to put an end to this 2.0 pre-order business. At that time, mics should ship on the same or next day after purchase. Imagine that!


Is there anything to worry about?:

Mics are looking really good, booms are cooperating, jacks are wired in stereo ;) . All is looking good. Our defect rate is less than that of the 1.0 mics we used to make, so that's awesome. But, we haven't had more than a week to test this batch-- so if you run into any issues, don't hesitate to let us know. We want these mics to be loud and clear.



P.s.: Any news on the 3.0 or mute version?

We're having our first sample of our first 3.0 run sent to us this week. The mute buttons are being auditioned. Still looking like about a month until we can open up a pre-order on the 3.0 mute version. We want to get it out there fast but we've also been burned by "good samples and bad batches." We're going to try to find a quality but speedy solution for the mute.

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