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Info on Mute Versions and 2.0 Wait Times

UPDATE(January 8th) - Mics have arrived. We are testing and assembling them now. Soon to ship to shipper and end pre-order era. (Really. This time we'll have a good stock. 3.0s are being made, too. Should have more info on the 3.0 batch shortly).

Two other quick things:

  • We're having reports of customs fees issues with some customers. Please know that you may need to pay a customs duty depending on how your country charges them (the mic is valued at 33 USD). 
  • We've had 3 complaints of mics that have an intermittent popping noise issue. We're working on figuring this out. If your mic is doing this then e-mail us and we'll set up a replacement swap ASAP.

Thanks again for the patience while we slog through getting this all right.


We're getting a ton of requests for the mute version's expected arrival date as well as some general questions on orders. I'll do my best to answer those here so you don't have to wait for an email response- TL:DR in white.

  • WHEN is the MUTE version coming out!?!
We're saying it will be ready for pre-order in about 1 month. This is an estimate! Now that we have manufacturer #1 back on line we should be able to get a pretty-solid 2.1/mute version out soon. We need to machine/send/receive samples and test for durability/quality. Then we'll order a first run of them but we want to make sure that their quality is solid before we make the same pre-order mistakes we made with the 2.0 fiasco. For the moment we're back to push on, push off, push on etc. type button. It will be located close to the boom end and will be more depressed when it's muted and will stick out more when it's not muted, so you can tell its state soley by its physical shape
  • If I order NOW, when will my mic be shipped?

The short answer is probably ~2 weeks (we do have a few extras in stock but we aren't going to make promises about how long they'll last). Now that we know we can get a good supply of solid 2.0s, we have a large shipment in the works at this moment. It should be here around the first week of January and we'll get those mics to the shipper ASAP. This will be the end of large 2.0 delays!
  • I'm an international customer and my USPS tracking says it's still in the US since x days ago. What's up?
Okay, so this is poor communication on our part, we apologize. The USPS first class international shipping tracking only works while the package is in the USA. So if it says it's in LA for days, then it's probably on its way to you already. This takes 5-10 business days so please be patient (maybe a few more since it's the holidays)! USPS is slow but cheap! The next cheapest option is ~27-33 USD for international shipping. We have sent many mics via USPS first class and have had pretty good luck with them. They aren't always perfect but things usually are delivered. Furthermore, once we ship the mics to the shipper, we can't really do much for you- we don't control the package's tracking/shipping, that's up to USPS/UPS. We'll surely let you know if you mic was returned but we can't call German customs and make them deliver your package, for example.
  • I'm a domestic customer and my UPS tracking doesn't show up when I put in the number. WTF?
Yes, yes, we're seeing this with some orders. We've contacted our shipper and they say it's normal and just takes a few days. We haven't had any (yet) complaints these past few shipment rounds about this turning into a real problem.
  • I already ordered before the 22nd/23rd, where's my mic?

You will get an email with tracking when your mic is shipped out. If you haven't received this email within this week, then maybe it was filtered as spam or maybe you missed the latest batch. We should ship a small batch in the 1st week of Jan to get any of these waiting orders shipped out while we wait for the final big batch to get in.

LASTLY, for this coming holiday ~10 days we're going to have an auto-responder on our email that will tell you to check this post out. This doesn't mean we won't check for serious issues but it does mean that we many not respond to questions that are already answered here.

Thanks again for your patience and support. We're really pleased to finally be sending out legit ModMics again. 

Happy Holidays!


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