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Update and Info


Yesterday we shipped enough mics to clear all current back-ordered mics and we'll ship more next week to have enough to last us another 3-4 weeks. If you are waiting for a mic to ship, it should ship on Tuesday or Wednesday. 

Our first batch of 3.0s should arrive here on the ~17th and we'll start testing and sending a few to "beta" testers. We'll hopefully do some clean-up on the site and will have more information on our possible price changes and 2.0/3.0 mics at that time. If things go well, we'll have the 3.0 non-mute ready for shipping within a month.


We are trying to clean up the quality on the 2.0s that are being made before we do mute contracting with the same manufacturer. Most 2.0s are fine and good but a few of the batch started making popping noises a week or two into their usage and we want to make sure that we can deliver solid mics from the manufacturer before we launch the muted version. The good news is that the latest 2.0 batch QC'd well except for a small percentage that didn't make the cut for cosmetic reasons (should be an easy fix).

Basically, we've had bit of a mute delay due to said QC issues that are being worked on while we get the mute ready for the 2.0. Shouldn't be too much longer- 1-month-ish.

About the 3.0 mute version:

The 3.0 will have noise-cancelling and a different construction from the 2.0. It will also allow swapping of cables/booms (though, to begin, we will likely only have 1 type of boom (noise-cancelling) and 1 type of cable (3 meter)). The 3.0 is looking really good and we're excited to see how it will perform. 

Getting the mute cable ready for the 3.0 may be trickier than for the 2.0. The good news here is that the 3.0 will have modular cables, so if you want a mute and a 3.0, you can buy the non-mute 3.0 soon and then a mute cable for it later when it comes out.



  • German customs has been delaying some microphones to customers. Sometimes they need a bill (which should be on the front of the package, according to our shipper), in which case, please contact us and we'll send you a bill.
  • The 3M adhesive can be tricky! Please follow the directions (hold it on for 30 seconds, let it sit for 30+ min before really pulling on it hard)! Warming the pad before applying it will help if you've got a tricky surface. 
  • International tracking only works while it's in the US! The package is most likely on its way to you-
  • Some countries will sometimes charge customs fees. We cannot control this. The mic is valued at 33 USD.
Thanks again for your support and patience, everyone-

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  • @Zewb Thanks for the note! We can’t really offer betas that easily at the moment, though :(
    @Euan – Thank you!
    @Sascha – We’ll get the mute versions up as soon as we can. Thanks for the feedback we have been trying to package the clasps differently to better avoid that issue.
    @Ives – Awesome. Trying not to hype things too much here, seeing our manufacturing history of hiccups… Brazil is worse than even Germany when it comes to customs. I hope you get yours soon-
    @Javajojoe – sorry for getting back to you so late on this post … probably no longer an issue. The number usually self corrects in a day or two.
    @Jakob – Just put up a post to help on this
    @Thomas – Note taken. Thanks for the input. We’ll get you fixed up either way.
    @Bude – The latest post is for you!
    @Jak – Good to hear. Thanks for the interest. I hope the mic works well for you!

    Jimmy on

  • I always said I wish I could use my HD595’s and have a good mic at the same time.

    My Logitech desk mic just does not cut it for gaming in a large room. After hearing my voice quality I just had to find something else. The last thing I wanted to do was buy a headset or use a clip on mic but what else was there other than that…

    I went searching the internet for all sorts and ended up finding your site through a forum with two people recommended you. Instantly I was impressed and I just had to buy one.

    Very excited to try this mic, looks a fantastic product. I couldn’t wait for the 3.0 but will be back looking out for it when I can get one!

    Jak on

  • serious question: Should I buy a modmic soon or wait for the 3.0?

    Bude on

  • @Jimmy: Since reading your reply i have been thinking of how such an incentive would work. I honestly can’t think of anything besides a simple discount, especially if the 3.0 is noise-cancelling and the 2.0 isn’t. My 2.0 is on it’s way now, and if it’s a better microphone than the headsets I’ve used before, and I don’t have to turn my mic boost all the way up like I do now, I doubt I could send it back and wait. I think it would be the same situation for others unless their situation allows that sort of downtime.

    Thomas on

  • Can’t seem to find this info anywhere, maybe you can help me clear it up.

    What are the differences between v1, v2, and v3?

    Jakob on

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