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First Looks at the 3.0

We've been busy testing this first batch of 3.0s and we've made a two short videos showing the features and differences of the 2.0 vs. 3.0. 

One quick thing, the only mic for sale right now is the 2.0. We will add the 3.0 to the products when it's ready to sell.

The two mics are different; one is not necessarily "better" than the other. The qualities of each mic may be desired differently depending on your situation.



2.0 3.0
Microphone type    Omni-directional Uni-/Noise-cancelling
Bendable part Internal steel spine External brass tubing
Boom Flexibility Very bendable, forgiving Stiffer, will kink if bent too sharply   
Modular*  No. Yes. Can swap at coaxial plug
Sensitivity  High, -26db Medium, -47db
Sound Quality Full, rich sound Quieter, but still very good :)
Noise Canceling Poor if mic is turned up too high    Very Good
Impedance 2.2 KΩ 2.2 KΩ
Fr. Response 30 Hz–17.5 kHz 20 Hz–20 kHz

*Meaning that the mic can use different cables and booms


So, for example, one could argue that the sound is better on the 2.0 but that would change depending on how much noise you're expecting to have in the background.

If all goes well with beta testing then we'll start to test out offering omni-directional mics in the 3.0 body, mute cabling, x-box/short cabling, formable/moldable cabling for 2-cable management (more on that later).

When will we have the 3.0 up for sale? We're saying 2-4 weeks (mid-Feb) while we get some testing done. We may open up pre-ordering sooner than that.

If I order a 2.0 now, when will I get it? We should be in stock today and should have mics shipping as soon as they're purchased this week. We could possibly see a few-day delay after this week while we continue to build up stock but 2.0 shortages should be a thing of the past now.

What's the pricing going to be? We're thinking the 3.0 will need to be around the lower 40 USD range. We may get the 2.0 price to come down a bit if we make good progress with the 2.0 manufacturer...

Here are the videos:

Lastly, we prefer not to do our own reviews of the mic's quality- we think disinterested/unbiased 3rd parties would be best at giving the most trustworthy reviews. We'll share such press when we can.
Jimmy & AA 

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  • @aethyal – The tube will need more care in its handling but we found that its advantages were worth it: better aesthetically, better with insertion into the clasp, better protection of internal wires, stiffer for better action of the clasp. It’s also better for using a polar tip like the uni, where it needs to remain pointed in a particular direction. Thx for the feeback-
    @Nameless/Jak/Ian – Thanks! Will get them ready soon…
    @Evshrug- Cult legend? I like the sound of that. Yeah, we get our fair industry share of mic shorts and solder dislocations but we’re quick to replace if that happens. I think you’ll be best off waiting for the 3.0 and its reviews to come out. Shouldn’t be long.

    Jimmy on

  • I want one of them 3.0’s! go, go, go! get em ready for sale!!!

    Ian J on

  • Well well, so I’ve discovered the cult legend Antlion Modmics.

    The Unidirectional mic sounds really nice… I’d like to buy one for my friend who always has a party or something going on in the background (and a box fan in the summer), and who always sounds like he’s shouting into his Turtle Beach headset. He has to keep the mic pretty far from his mouth to control volume, obviously that doesn’t help clarity, and annoyingly I hear the audio from the headphone more than half the time too.
    I have the opposite problem. I talk in a quiet, somewhat low speaking voice because if the demon that sleeps across the hall hears me… Well, my friends on Xbox Live can hear THAT just fine. Maybe when I’m free, the v3 will be right for me, but for now I’m happy AntLion offers a more sensitive option for the short-term.

    I wonder if I shouldn’t just hold out for the V3 though? The biggest problem I’ve had with mics is the cable shorting out, the modular design seems really appealing, though I expect that I’ll mostly have to speak in a quiet voice…
    Evshrug on

  • The 3.0 is looking pretty impressive. Keep up the videos they really do show the difference.

    I’m still waiting on my 2.0. I can’t wait to try it out, hopefully tomorrow. I wonder how it is going to sound attached to my open HD595s. I’ve seen a few videos of people who have the same headphones and they don’t seem to have an issue with background noise ect.

    Anyway I will definitely be grabbing a 3.0. I just couldn’t wait for release :)

    Jak on

  • I’m liking how the 3.0 revision is shaping up, and also how honest you are about the changes going on between 2.0 and 3.0. Far too few companies provide that level of detail on what changes between products. (Especially companies that make networking equipment like routers and NICs, changing up chipsets all the time and still using the same model number with a little revision number tacked on…)

    Anyway, here’s hoping the 3.0 production run goes smoothly! Can’t wait to get my hands on one of those…my current cheap desk mic’s about due for a replacement.

    Nameless on

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