Back to back-orders again (until ~ Wednesday)

Heads up-

We've assembled a good amount of mics and will ship them to our shipper today- should be shipping out to customers by Tues/Wed.


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  • I have a very loud keyboard (Cherry Blue switches) and my current microphone, one of the Zalman clip-ons, picks up a lot of clacking from it. I was wondering if the 3.0’s noise cancellation would help there, or if it wouldn’t matter.

    Quinn on

  • Got my 2.0 mic super fast and immediately people on XBOX live and PS3 could tell a huge difference. I no longer have to scream into the microphone or have it in my mouth for them to hear me. Lol. LOVE IT! Thanks for an outstanding product.

    Justin on

  • @Fayst – Let us know what you think!
    @Fred – Yeah, I think your analysis is fair. Maybe wait a bit to see how the reviews look once we get it on the shelf?
    @Scott – I’d like to think that both sound qualities are pretty nice ;) but proof is in the ear of the beholder. Probably will be more around ~10 USD more.
    @Daniel – Hard to say. Sounds like the 3.0 will be the best bet for you. The 2.0 is louder and more moldable but I don’t that that’d be worth it in your case.

    Jimmy on

  • I have recently found this site and would buy any mic but I’ve noticed the 3.0 is coming out soon so I’m not sure what to buy.

    Price and timing isn’t a problem. I am thinking about getting the 3.0 mainly because of the noise cancelling. The 2.0 sounded richer but the 3.0 still sounded really good and if you listened to that for just a few minutes you wouldn’t remember a 2.0 IMO.

    The stiffer cable might have less moulding potential but current the attached boom-mic I have is not bendable but isn’t stiff so having one which wont drop down the headset is awesome.

    From the above scenario the 3.0 sounds like a slightly better choice but am I missing anything which makes the 2.0 a better option?


    Daniel on

  • The 3.0 does NOT have better audio quality than the 2.0. A video was posted showing comparisons between the two and the 2.0 sounded, to me, significantly better than the 3.0. Having said that, the 2.0 did pick up a lot of background noise and the cable also isn’t replaceable. The 3.0 will also be 10-20$ more expensive since it apparently also costs 3x what the 2.0 costs to manufacture

    Scott on

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