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Back in stock. Also a bit of not so exciting news from the Postal Service...

 Hey All- 

Mics are in stock for the next few days and we hope to send out another shipment today to the warehouse. Our latest batch of 2.0s looks like we've mostly fixed a strain relief issue with the prior batch (again, if your mic isn't clean and clear and awesome, do let us know).

The US postal service has increased their international shipping costs by +50%. This is pretty bad for all of us except that it will force us to find resellers abroad even faster. When we start to see the effects of this price increase we'll see what happens next.

We're still working on getting the 3.0 ready. We're sending out more tester mics as things progress. 

On another note, mute samples are moving forward. The Chinese New Year basically shuts down their industry (and thus pauses our product manufacturing development) for the month of February but we're rushing what we can.


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  • @Frank – Thanks for your support! We need every bit of it as we slog through getting these revisions right. As for the upgrade deal, we haven’t worked anything out formally but we will surely hook up our 1.0 owners somehow.
    @Sebastian – Yeah, it’s the last step in the tracking. USPS + German Zoll = terrible service. I hope it gets to you soon! We’re working on resellers! Would be a huge fix for us.

    Jimmy on

  • The tracking information on my mic is stuck at “processed through sort facility LA” as well. Has been like that for 4 days now. Maybe that’s just the last tracking step before it leaves the US.

    But I think it will take quite a while for the mic to get through the customs office anyway. It’s very slow here in Germany. :(

    A reseller anywhere in the EU would be very appreciated. Good to know that you are working on it. :)

    Sebastian on

  • I’m looking forward to the muting versions as well… Original v1 owner here. I think I read something about a possible discount on the new versions for existing owners? Did that ever get worked out? I might get both, the v2 & v3, if I can score some sorta discount. Big fan of the MM and the way you guys have dealt with the supply issues and QC, etc. I’m always recommending the ModMic at message boards like Head-Fi and [H]ard| Forum!

    Frank on

  • @Jak – Yeah, the USPS international mail option is affordable but pretty slow and lackluster. The tracking only works while it’s in the US, so that’s normal. As for the issues, the strain relief issue popped up more often than we’d like/expect but they aren’t too frequent. With every batch we’re improving QC pass rates.
    @George Z – Thanks for the commiseration! We can’t wait to do international reseller distribution rather than this USPS setup. It is the cause of so much pain for both parties.

    Jimmy on

  • As far as international usps shipping, I can confirm this is a big pain in every business owners and consumers ass.
    what used to be 16.50 to ship a flat rate envelope is now 23.60 and so on for all different mail classes.
    cant wait for the mute versions!

    George Z on

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