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Getting low on stock. More stock arriving on Tues/Wed. May have a short delay in there...

Update: good size batch of mics should arrive Wednesday and likely ship either that day or Thursday. 

On the 3.0 front, we're running into compatibility issues with some soundcards not properly powering (we suppose) the mic capsule. This is a huge pain because we must wait for our 3.0 factory to finish their holiday break before we can redo the capsule electronics (that is, if we can't find a fix with the driver issues ... seems to be Realtek HD drivers again having issues on Win 7). Alas.



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  • @nameless – Right- the voltage and current specs of the 3.0 capsule are within the standard PC soundcard/“soundblaster” range. The mic works on a lot of hardware but the percentage of PCs that can’t use it is too large for us to release the mic just yet.

    Jimmy on

  • As long as the 3.0 mics work on the X-Fi Titanium HD, I should be fine.

    I never thought a small electret condenser capsule like that would have enough issues with getting power over a typical PC microphone jack, though. That’s something I expect out of large condenser mics that expect 48V phantom power.

    Nameless on

  • @Jeff & Basti – With the Chinese new year we’re having to wait during February. The 2.0 factory is looking like we can hit our QC requirements so that’s good progress toward the 2.1/mute. Once we can ensure that they can make quality solder joints, overmoldings etc. we’ll have them make the mute for testing. Should be pretty easy to add on. To answer your question … unlikely in Feb due to CNY, late March is optimistic, but it IS coming, the mute WILL be made. It’s been frustrating here, for we know that many are waiting for a mute version. We just want to do it right rather than quickly.
    @Steve – :) . The USB converter has been a discussed possibility. We’d likely need to get a factory to do OEM for us and we’d probably like it to just be a small mic input rather than a USB soundcard (with 3.5mm audio & mic), but it’s difficult to find 3.5mm to USB adapters that are ONLY for microphones. We could include the in/out USB soundcard/adapter but that might look a bit odd.
    @Ian & bwhip – We haven’t quite nailed down the issue yet, some Realtek cards/drivers work with it, some don’t. I personally use a Xonar STX and the 3.0 is fine on it. We’re still waiting on feedback from our testers. We may try to still ship the 3.0s with some sort of compatibility list- it would not be ideal but we’re working on solutions- see the USB discussion above.

    Jimmy on

  • Hey guys,

    can anyone of you give me an (of course rough) estimation on when the 2.0 MUTE version will be avaiable? I’m waiting for it since it was first time announced. But now, I have to get a new mic “soon” and have to decide if I grab a non-mute now or wait “a little” longer and grab a mute version (favourite choice).

    Thanks :)

    Basti on

  • Wait?! Whaa? We get 1 day for New Year’s and they get up to 15 days?! shucks…
    Well, I’m looking forward to the Modmic 3.0 for my Audio Technica’s. Regarding the certain sound card issues; are the Asus Xonar Essence STX/ST’s affected by this mic issue? I hope not. Thanks.

    bwhip on

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