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Back in stock. International shipping prices have increased :/

USPS increased their rates late in January and now charges us ~4.13 USD (~77%) more to ship a mic internationally. Our international shipping & handling charge will go up as well by this amount. :/

International shipping is terrible for us and our international customers so we are working on getting international resellers. Many things must be done (certifications, packaging, contracts) before we can be ready but we are working on it!

We're making some progress on the 2.1 mute version now that we've cleaned up a few of the factory's QC issues with the 2.0. More on that when we have something of substance to share...

"Short" Answers:

How long till the 2.1 (which is the mute version of the 2.0) is available? 

Must wait for the factory to boot back up, must wait for samples and then molds to be made. This will take at least 3-4 weeks. Most of the prior delays of this 2.1 production were due to our QC issues from the 2.0 factory but we're pretty confident in the QC now. So, while we still must say "it's hard to say" we are indeed making progress!

Okay, thanks for that wordy answer, Jimmy. When is the 3.0 going to be for sale?

We're still waiting on tester feedback to better pin down what hardware doesn't like the 3.0's mic. We are also working on a possible USB solution. For the most part, testing has been good and positive, save the compatibility issues. It's hard to say just when it'll be ready. Weeks, likely.

Okay, that wasn't really helpful, Jimmy. The 3.1 (the mute version/cable of the 3.0) version, when will it be ready? 

The 3.0 factory needs to boot up after their holiday, too. They should have our sample and making the mute cable shouldn't be too difficult at that point. Of course, this is dependent on the 3.0's being fixed. We may need to tweak its hardware if we can't get a USB crutch solution to work.


Thanks for your patience and understanding :)


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  • @Schmu – Nope :/ still waiting on the 4.0 for that!

    Jimmy on

  • Any news about the international resellers (espacially for Germany)?

    Schmu on

  • I’ve been searching for a product like this. But living in Europe (the netherlands to be exact) it’s gonna cost way to much.
    I hope that the resellers are coming. Then I’ll buy one for sure!

    Patrick on

  • Hey just wondering if there’s any update on how the Mic w/mute is coming ago. I plan on purchasing one when they are finished! Anyways, keep up the great work!

    Brandon on

  • @Seb – Yes, it will cost more, but we’ll only add on how much it costs us to add the mute, so it shouldn’t be a big increase.
    @Timothy & Sebastian – Gah, sorry Timothy. We are tired of all the international hassle as well. We’re truly getting closer to the EU reseller option but it will still take time.

    Jimmy on

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