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Antlion Audio Givz Program!

November is Men's Health Awareness Month!

We've chosen to partner with Givz, and here's what that means.

Anyone spending $90 or more on our site will get $10 to give to any US based charity they want. It's as simple as clicking a few buttons after checkout. We've highlighted some of our favorites, but to be clear:

You can literally type in almost any 501(c)(3) charity you want and support whichever is most important to you.

This is free money and our way of supporting those in need. No strings, no registration. You pick the charity, we send the funds.

Our current highlighted charities are:

Men's Health NetworkMHN focuses on both physical and mental health of men. Stereotypical tough guy attitude can often hide mental problems like depression or physical ailments like cancer. MHN is here to help, so if there's something troubling you, be sure to reach out.

MovemberBacked by the brilliant marketing campaign that is No-shave November, Movember has become a charity leader for men in 3 areas: Mental Health, Prostate Cancer, and Testicular Cancer. They're like the coolest charity ever.

Oregon Food BankNovember is more than just men's health awareness month. It's also a time to consider the plentiful bounty of the year and determine how to share that with a neighbor who is struggling. That's why we've selected our local Portland based Oregon Food Bank to help our local community.

Action Against HungerIf you want to take a more broad view of the hunger crisis, Action Againt Hunger is charity watch's top rated hunger charity. They take action worldwide and have some of the best stats for any charity, ensuring nearly every cent of your dollar goes to those who need it.

We have two overriding goals here. The first is to find a way to donate that is sustainable for us as a small company. Simply put, we can't bankroll a massive donation, but this allows us to take a slice of our profit and put it to a good cause. The second goal is we don't want to dictate where your money goes. We can't do that with a single large donation. Givz allows us to achieve both of these goals. Simple as that.

Again, you can support any US based 501(c)(3) charity you choose! The $10 you receive is yours to spend as you see fit. As much as we hope you share our views on the world, we are the kind of company that wants to empower choice, whether that is what pair of headphones to pair with a ModMic or which cause is most vital to solve first. The choice is yours!

So give well and thank you from everyone here at Antlion Audio!

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